Q.- What is Investment into stocks?

Ans.- Investment into stocks is ownership of equity in a business. When a person buys a stock of a company, in effect he/she takes ownership of the company. As an investment it can be very rewarding, yet at the same time, if the choice is not well researched it could also lead to the loss of capital.

Q.-How will the investor be serviced?

Ans.- Please see below for the basic services received by all our clients:

  1. All client’s will get the latest technology enabling them to make investments
  2. They will receive our research reports regularly informing them of new developments and opportunities in the market
  3. They will receive a log-in id and password in order to check their back office reports
  4. They can contact the customer services at any time for any service related issues
  5. Investor can view his portfolio at all times through an online platform

Q.- Will I receive advisory on all my investments ?

Ans.- Of course! Our research reports are an effort to guide our clients to choose the correct stock/mutual funds to make smarter investments. For personal customized advisory on your portfolio please visit our Wealth Management page

Q.- How can I start my investments ?

Ans.- The very first step towards starting your investment journey should be to open a Demat Account and a Trading Account with Elite Wealth Advisors Limited. Please follow the link below to complete the 15 minute process. Once opened, the investor is free to buy and sell shares of his/her choice.

To make investments in mutual funds one has to open an Online Mutual Fund account. The best solution for this is to opt for our Classic 1200 plan. This plan provides all 5 features:

  1. Demat Account
  2. Trading Account
  3. Online Mutual Fund Account
  4. E-Insurance Account
  5. NPS Account

Q.- What is the right place to invest for me ?

Ans.- The capital markets is the place for all kinds of investments. You will find investment products that offer security to the investors (such as bonds and secured NCDs) as well as products that offer tremendous growth opportunities (stocks and Mutual funds). Investments are a trade off between risk and reward. Within the capital markets you have a plethora of products that have a varying degree of risks and they all carry the potential to reward you like-wise. You need to understand your risk profile, your age and choose the investment product wisely.

Q.-What are the parameters to look into before making investments ?

Ans.- The following points should give you some clarity:

  1. Your Age
  2. Risk Handling Temperament
  3. Investment Objective
  4. Tenure of the Investments
  5. Tax Treatment of the returns from the investment
  6. Risk-Free rate of return in the market
  7. Overall composition of your portfolio

Q.- What are the plans available by Elite Wealth ?

Ans.- We offer 3 plans for investments:

  1. Classic Basic
  2. Classic 1200
  3. Classic 2000