IIFL Samasta Finance Limited NCD

IIFL Samasta Finance Limited is a systematically important Non-Banking Finance (non – deposit accepting or holding) Company – micro Finance Institution (NBFC MFI) in India that offers innovative and affordable financial products to women who are enrolled as members and organized as Joint Liability Group (“JLG”) from unbanked sections in society including encompassing cultivators, agricultural laborers, vegetable and flower vendors, cloth traders, tailors, craftsmen, as well as household and industrial workers across rural, semi urban and urban areas in India.

IIFL Samasta Finance Limited is coming out with a debt offering of Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures with a face value of ₹ 1000 each, a Base Issue size of ₹ 200 Crores, and an option to retain oversubscription up to ₹ 800 Crores aggregating up to ₹ 1000 crores, being the Tranche-I Issue size. The issue opens for subscription on Monday, 4th December 2023, and will close on or before Friday, 15th December 2023. The allotment is on a first come first serve basis with the minimum application to be made is of 10 NCDs.

IIFL Samasta Finance Limited NCD Details:

Tranche I Issue opens: Monday, 4th December 2023
Tranche I Issue closes: Friday, 15th December 2023
Allotment: First Come First Serve Basis
Face Value: Rs.1,000 per NCD
Nature of Instrument: Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures
Minimum Application: 10 NCDs (Rs.10, 000) & in multiple of 1NCD
Listing: BSE & NSE
Credit Rating “CRISIL AA-/Positive” by CRISIL Ratings Limited and “Acuite AA/Stable” by Acuite Ratings and Research Limited
Tranche-I Issue Size ₹ 200 Crores (“Base Issue Size”), with a green shoe option up to ₹ 800 Crores amounting to ₹ 1000 Crores (“Tranche I Issue Limit”)
Minimum Subscription: Minimum subscription is 75% of the Base Issue, i.e., ₹ 150 crores
Registrar: Link Intime India Private Limited
Category I – Institutional (“QIB”) II – Non-Institutional (“Corporates”) III – High Net worth

Individual (“HNI”)

(Amount aggregating to

above ₹ 10 lakh)

IV – Retail Individual (“Retail”) (Amount aggregating up to and including ₹ 10 lakh)
Category Allocation of the overall Issue Size 10% 10% 40% 40%
Bucket Size (₹) assuming Issue size of ₹ 400 Cr₹ ₹ 100 Cr ₹ 100 Cr ₹ 400 Cr ₹ 400 Cr

IIFL Samasta Finance Limited NCD

Application form

IIFL Samasta Finance Limited NCD Specific Terms of the Prospectus:

The terms of the NCDs offered under the Issue are as follows:

Series I II III* IV V VI
Frequency of Interest Payment Monthly Annual Monthly Annual Monthly Annual
Tenor 24






36 months 60 months 60 months
Coupon Rate (% p.a.) for NCD Holders in:
Category I, II, III & IV 9.21% 9.60% 9.57% 10.00% 10.03% 10.50%
Effective Yield (% p.a.) for :
Category I, II, III & IV 9.59% 9.59% 9.99% 9.99% 10.49% 10.49%
Amount (₹ / NCD) on Maturity for ^ :
Category I, II, III & IV ₹1,000 ₹1,000 ₹1,000 ₹1,000 ₹1,000 ₹1,000
Interest Frequency Monthly Annual Monthly Annual Monthly Annual

*The Company shall allocate and allot Series III NCDs (III Option) wherein the Applicants have not indicated the choice of the relevant NCD Series

IIFL Samasta Finance Limited NCD Conclusion:

With nominal returns potentially going into double digits, this is an attractive proposition due to the current scenarios from a return perspective, which will provide a regular monthly income for up to 5 years. The allotment is on a first come first serve basis. As the NCD is going to be listed on BSE as well as NSE one can always encash the amount invested as one desires, and due to the availability of the NCD in only Demat form, one must have a Demat account opened to apply.