Rbz Jewellers IPO Company Details:

RBZ Jewellers Limited is one of the leading organised manufacturers of gold jewellery in India, specializing in Antique Gold Jewellery and distributing it to reputable nationwide retailers and significant regional players in India. The company has a history of more than fifteen years in the jewellery industry. It designs and manufactures a wide range of Antique Gold Jewellery which consists of Jadau, Meena and Kundan work and sell it on a wholesale and retail basis. It also processes and supplies Antique Gold Jewellery on a job work basis to national retailers. Its customer base in wholesale business includes reputed national, regional and local family jewellers spread across 19 States and 72 cities within India. The company also operates its retail showroom under the brand name “Harit Zaveri” and is a leading player in Ahmedabad. It offers jewellery for bridal, occasional and daily wear at various price ranges in its retail showroom.

Rbz Jewellers IPO Business Offerings:

  • Specialise in Antique Gold bridal jewellery offering unique designs and craftmanship.
  • Variety of precious and semi-precious diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and pearls expertly set in gold.
  • An array of bracelets, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and jewellery sets suitable for bridal, special occasions, and everyday wear.

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    Rbz Jewellers IPO

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    RBZ Jewellers Limited also exports its jewellery to Middle East region. The company was incorporated as a private limited company in the year 2008 under the name of ‘RBZ Jewellers Private Limited’ with Rajendrakumar Kantilal Zaveri, Kiranben Rajendrakumar Zaveri and Harit Rajendrakumar Zaveri as its founding members. The company has relationship with national retailers like Titan Company Limited, Malabar Gold Private Limited, Joyalukkas India Limited, Senco Gold Limited and other prominent retailers such as Kalamandir Jewellers Limited, PN Gadgil Jewellers Private Limited, and prestigious family retailers such as Hazoorilal Jewellers Private Limited, Om Jewellers Private Limited, C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellers, Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers and CH Jewellers Private Limited.

    Rbz Jewellers IPO Details:

    IPO Open Date Not Available
    IPO Close Date Not Available
    Listing Date Not Available
    Face Value ₹10 per share
    Price Not Available
    Lot Size Not Available
    Issue Size 1,00,000 Equity Shares

    (aggregating up to ₹[●] Cr)

    Fresh Issue 1,00,000 Equity Shares

    (aggregating up to ₹[●] Cr)

    Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
    Listing At BSE, NSE
    QIB Shares Offered Not more than 50% of the Offer
    NII (HNI) Shares Offered Not less than 15% of the Offer
    Retail Shares Offered Not less than 35% of the Offer
    Promoters Rajendra Kumar, Kantilal Zaveri and Harit Rajendrakumar Zaveri

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    Rbz Jewellers IPO

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    Rbz Jewellers IPO Financial Analysis:

    Particulars FY-23 (in Cr.) FY-22 (in Cr.) FY-21 (in Cr.) CAGR
    Revenue from Operations 287.93 252.11 106.99 64.0%
    Other Income 1.70 0.42 0.72
    Cost of Goods Sold 225.67 208.36 75.36 73.0%
    Employee Cost 6.81 5.41 4.33
    Other expenses 17.68 11.56 6.85
    EBITDA 39.46 27.19 21.16 36.6%
    EBITDA margin% 13.71% 10.79% 19.78%
    Depreciation 1.37 1.40 1.52
    Interest 8.33 6.18 6.26
    Profit / (loss) before tax 29.77 19.61 13.38 49.2%
    Total tax 7.43 5.21 3.63
    Profit / (loss) After tax 22.33 14.41 9.75 51.4%
    Profit / (loss) After tax margin% 7.76% 5.71% 9.11%

    Rbz Jewellers IPO Revenue from Operations:

    Segments FY-23 (in Cr.) % FY-23 (in Cr.) % FY-23 (in Cr.) % CAGR
    Sale of Products 278.79 96.83% 247.64 98.23% 104.55 97.73% 38.7%
    Sale of Services 9.13 3.17% 4.45 1.77% 2.43 2.27% 55.5%
    Total 287.9278 100.00% 252.1067 100.00% 106.9913 100.00% 39.10%

    Rbz Jewellers IPO Breakup of Sale of Products:

    Particulars FY-23 (in Cr.) % FY-22 (in Cr.) % FY-21 (in Cr.) % CAGR
    Gold ornaments (22 carat) 133.18 47.77% 155.13 62.64% 66.65 63.74% 26.0%
    Total 13,318.78 47.77% 15,513.20 62.64% 6,664.95 63.74% 26.0%
    Traded Products              
    24 carat gold 19.54 7.01% 7.23 2.92% 10.33 9.88% 23.7%
    Gold ornaments            
    22 carat gold 87.18 31.27% 49.87 20.14% 19.59 18.74% 64.5%
    Others 23.74 8.52% 18.44 7.45% 6.05 5.79% 57.7%
    Total 130.47 46.80% 75.54 30.50% 35.98 34.41% 53.6%
    Silver 0.29 0.11% 6.20 2.50% 0.073 0.07% 59.6%
    Diamond 12.31 4.42% 9.38 3.79% 1.83 1.76% 88.6%
    Others 2.52 0.91% 1.39 0.56% 0.02 0.02% 362.1%
    Total 15.14 5.43% 16.97 6.85% 1.93 1.85% 98.5%
    Total 278.79 100% 247.65 100% 104.56 100% 38.7%

    Rbz Jewellers IPO Breakup of Sale of Services:

    Particulars FY-23 (in Cr.) % FY-22 (in Cr.) % FY-21 (in Cr.) % CAGR
    Labour Income 9.0738 99.32% 4.4091 98.89% 2.2879 94.10% 58.3%
    Repairing Income 0.0625 0.68% 0.0496 1.11% 0.1435 5.90% -24.2%
    Total 9.14 100% 4.46 100% 2.43 100% 34%

    Rbz Jewellers IPO Major Shareholders:

    S.NO. Name of the Shareholder No. of Shares % of pre-Offer shareholding
    1 Rajendrakumar Kantilal Zaveri 1,52,92,500 50.98%
    2 Harit Rajendrakumar Zaveri 1,46,99,325 49.00%
      Total 2,99,91,825 99.98%

    Rbz Jewellers IPO Strengths:

    • RBZ Jewellers Limited has its own manufacturing set up consisting of bench working artisans, technology for laser cutting, laser engraving and state of the art casting units. It has progressive dyes and hydraulic press dyes and also has in house 3D printing machine to convert CAD image in CAM. Its large skilled workforce with knowledge and expertise in jewellery-making is a key competitive strength that has enabled the company to establish and maintain its reputation and brand. In Fiscal 2023, its manufacturing capability of processing gold jewellery stood at 1,716 kgs.

    • One of the key strengths of the company in the jewellery business is its wide reach and presence across India. With a footprint in 19 states and 72 cities, it has established a strong foothold in the market and has a deep understanding of the local customer preferences and trends. The client mix and geographical spread helps it in understanding customer preferences across the regions, cultures and socioeconomic strata which is one of its key strengths to roll out designs as per the emerging trend.

    • RBZ Jewellery Limited operates on the idea of creating new, innovative and unique designs in its product offerings. Its team of jewellery experts and its long-trusted relationships with the job workers and artisans have allowed it to create a diversified and a wide range of varied and unique designs of different weightage to cater to large variety of customers.

    • RBZ Jewellery Limited has been granted various awards by reputable agencies for its quality and innovative designs. The company endeavours to make requisite efforts so that the designs remain confidential and are not misused. Its commitment to ethical business practices promotes transparency, fairness, and accountability in all its business dealings, and it strives to uphold these principles to maintain the trust of its customers and stakeholders.

    • RBZ Jewellers Limited has established systems and procedures for various facets of its business and operations including order management, human resource management, finance and controls, management processes and risk management. As part of its quality control check, it strictly follows the hallmarking process for all its gold jewellery as per prescribed norms. It sends all its retail segment jewellery to government-approved hallmarking in accordance with BIS norms. Its block insurance and terrorism security insurance policies help mitigate the risk of theft, fire or other damage to the inventory.

    • RBZ Jewellers Limited’s promoter Rajendrakumar Kantilal Zaveri has more than thirty-five (35) years of experience in the jewellery industry. He is known for his humanitarian approach, positive outlook and strong negotiation skills. The company has an experienced and dedicated senior management team who is responsible for the overall strategic planning and business development of the company and has helped it in managing the operations effectively.

    Rbz Jewellers IPO Risk Factors:

    • In Fiscals 2023, 2022 and 2021, RBZ Jewellers Limited has incurred an expense of ₹ 330.75 lakhs, ₹ 188.86 lakhs and ₹ 75.23 lakhs respectively towards its advertising and marketing activities which accounted for 1.15 %, 0.75 % and 0.70 % of its revenue from operations in respective periods. Failure to manage any of the above factors or failure of its promotional and allied activities to differentiate and further strengthen its brand could adversely affect the value and perception of the brand.

    • The company requires significant amount of working capital for continued growth. Its inability to meet its working capital requirements, on commercially acceptable terms, may have an adverse impact on the business, financial condition and results of operations As on March 31, 2023, the company had a total sanctioned limit of ₹ 7,500.00 lakhs towards working capital loan facilities.

    • RBZ Jewellers Limited’s revenue from sale of gold jewellery amounted to ₹ 25,318.82 lakhs, ₹ 22,785.51 lakhs and ₹ 9,458.12 lakhs for the Fiscals 2023, 2022 and 2021, respectively. The revenue from sale of gold jewellery accounted for 87.93 %, 90.38 % and 88.40 % of the total revenue from operations for the Fiscals 2023, 2022 and 2021, respectively.

    • The company has availed unsecured loans from Promoters, Promoter Group and other companies, aggregating to ₹ 371.39 lakhs as of March 31, 2023, that are repayable on demand, and which may be recalled by such lenders at any time.

    • The company has had negative cash flows from operating activities for the period ended on March 31, 2023, and March 31, 2021 and may, in the future, experience similar negative cash flows. Negative cash flows over extended periods, or significant negative cash flows in the short term, could materially impact its ability to operate the business.

    Rbz Jewellers IPO Prospectus:


    Registrar to the offer:


    Tel: +91-22-62638200

    E-mail: ipo@bigshareonline.com

    Website: www.bigshareonline.com

    Investor Grievance ID: www.bigshareonline.com

    Contact Person: Babu Rapheal

    SEBI Registration Number: INR000001385