The NIFTY opened at 17322.30 with a big gap up of 308 points. The index initially moved sideways and then saw a decline which found support quickly around 17250. Prices have seen a sharp upside move from there and went above the early morning highs. However, the index did not move further higher and started drifting downwards. The index recorded its intraday high at 17348.55, saw a sharp downside move, and recorded its intraday low at 17169.75. The index finally closed at 17185.70 near its daily lows with a gain of 171.35 points or 1.01% up. BANK, FINANCIAL, and IT outperformed today leading the bulls and closing higher by more than 1%. OIL GAS, AUTO, MEDIA, and METAL underperformed today and closed with some losses. The short-term trend is sideways. Moreover, short-term support is also visible around 17000. We should look for an intraday trade on Monday, which will be an Opening Range Breakout (15 minutes) on either side. On the weekly timeframe chart, the index closed with a loss when compared to Last Friday’s closing price and made an Inside Week which suggests the next week may be wider.


The BANK NIFTY opened at 39446.05 with a big gap up of 789 points. The index initially went higher but quickly turned down to record its intraday low at 39196.30. Prices then rallied and breaks above 39500 to record its intraday high at 39570.85. Prices again went down and finally dosed at 39372.20 with againof715 points. PSU and PVT BANKS both indices have performed almost the same today, saw a sharp intraday decline, and closed lower by 1.58% & 1.07% respectively. Within the index, in terms of points, HDFC BANK contributed the highest on the upside while INDUSIND BANK contributed the lowest. A trading range within the 37500 – 39500 zones remained intact, and the short-term trend remains sideways. However, prices moved above the 39500 resistance but came back at the end. Traders should look for a buying opportunity on a breakout above 39600 or sell short on a breakdown below 39100. In case of a gap beyond these levels apply the first 15-minute rule. Keep a stop of 300 points and a target of 800 points.


METRO POLISH 1582.75 BUY The stock is on the verge of a breakout on intraday as well as the daily chart. The stock can be bought above 1597.50 with a stop loss of 1577.50 and for the target of 1627.80.
ESCORTS 1965.05 SELL The stock has given the breakdown on the intraday as well as the daily chart. The stock can be sold at 1953.50 with a stop loss of 1976.50 and for the target of 1907.



Stock Name Strike Price Buy/Sell CMP Initiation Stop Loss Target Remarks
GODREJ CP (27 OCT)  820 (PE) BUY 11.60 CMP 8.35 18 BREAKDOWN
Long Buildup Short Buildup
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
GNFC.22.10 Oct 701.8 5.9 3.36 5596500 INDIACEM.22.10 Oct 228.5 -3.4 7.89 15738300
FEDERALBNK.22.10 Oct 131.15 5 15.05 105630000 NATIONALUM.22.10 Oct 70.25 -3.17 9.3 71961000
IGL.22.10 Oct 387.95 4.51 2.06 13491500 MFSL.22.10 Oct 719.25 -3.05 76.01 2503150
MGL.22.10 Oct 815.05 4 13.86 3180800 MOTHERSON.22.10 Oct 69.45 -2.66 2.25 65245500
HDFCBANK.22.10 Oct 1449.2 3.65 2.28 62071900 ONGC.22.10 Oct 127.35 -2.3 11.45 44059400
                                                                        Short Covering                                                                       Long Unwinding
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
INFY.22.10 Oct 1464.9 3.97 -2.47 41222100 IBULHSGFIN.22.10 Oct 124.8 -3.78 -0.88 39368000
UPL.22.10 Oct 679.1 2.07 -0.6 25144600 ZEEL.22.10 Oct 267.5 -2.21 -2.05 93558000
LTTS.22.10 Oct 3606 2.04 -6.8 875000 DELTACORP.22.10 Oct 210.5 -1.73 -1.42 16985500
ICICIBANK.22.10 Oct 872.5 1.95 -2.7 74123500 HEROMOTOCO.22.10Oct 2532.05 -0.8 -0.32 2799000
PETRONET.22.10 Oct 201.4 1.77 -0.02 13644000 RAIN.22.10 Oct 166 -0.63 -0.27 10237500


Stocks Price %Chg Total Qty Delivery Del % % Change
Sectors Price Change % Quantity
Hdfc Ltd. 2343.5 2.64 3867131 0 73.2 Nifty50 17185.7 1.01 86997
Au Small Finance Bank Li 601.4 3.4 3262434 0 72.46 Niftybank 39305.6 1.76 87000
Honeywell Auto India Ltd 38284.7 -0.15 2723 0 72.13 Nifty it 27954.05 1.63 87000
Power Grid Corporation o 212.65 -0.61 17523893 0 69.56 India Vix 18.26 -10 87000
Cholamandalam Investment 726.6 0.27 921483 0 69.04 Nifty Fmcg 43153.05 0.27 87000
Power Finance Corporatio 102.05 0.1 2615849 0 68.98 Nifty Pharma 12950.45 0.65 87000
Dabur India Ltd. 531.35 0.25 1518166 0 67.89 Nifty Realty 420.05 -0.8 87000
Hdfc Bank Ltd. 1439 3.26 6424960 0 67.37 Nifty Auto 12478.25 -0.67 87000
Icici Lombard General In 1126.65 -0.46 1441873 0 67.28 Nifty Metal 5767.2 -0.64 87000
Rec Limited 91.9 -0.05 5376042 0 64.51 Nifty Financial Services 17705.5 1.82 86997


   Domestic                                                                                                                                                  International
INR: Trade Balance on 17th October, 2022

INR: FX Reserves, USD on 21st October, 2022

 USD: Crude Oil Inventories on 19th October, 2022

USD: Building Permits (Sep) on 19th October, 2022


  • Benchmark indices ended on positive note on October 14 with Nifty around 17,200. At Close, the Sensex was up 684.64 points or 1.20% at 57,919.97, and the Nifty was up 171.40 points or 1.01% at 17,185.70. About 1757 shares have advanced, 1591 shares declined, and 146 shares are unchanged.
  • Seven sectors, including bicycles, leather & footwear, toys and containers, may get Rs 35,000 crore under the next round of the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, sources have said.
  • Consolidated net profit for the operator of the DMart chain of hypermarkets increased 64% over the previous year to Rs 685.7 crore in the quarter ended September, according to an exchange filing. That compares with the Rs 627.6-crore consensus estimate of analysts tracked by Bloomberg. Sequentially, however, its net profit grew 7% from Rs 642.89 crore.
  • HDFC Bank Ltd. saw its net profit for the July-September quarter rise 20% year-on-year on higher net interest income and lower provisions. Net profit for the quarter stood at Rs 10,606 crore, compared with Rs 8,834.3 crore a year ago. This is the first time HDFC Bank has crossed Rs 10,000 crore in net profit.
Source: Economic Times,  Indian Express, Business Today, Livemint, Business Standard, Bloomberg Quint


Company Name Purpose Meeting Date Company Name Purpose Meeting Date
ACC Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 ELPROINTL Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
ANG General;Preferential Issue of shares 17-Oct-22 EMERALD General 18-Oct-22
ANUP Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 FLUOROCHEM Interim Dividend;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
ARROWGREEN Increase in Authorised Capital;General;Preferential Issue of shares 17-Oct-22 GMDCLTD Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
BCG General 17-Oct-22 GRWRHITECH General 18-Oct-22
BIBCL General;Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 HAZOOR Right Issue of Equity Shares 18-Oct-22
CAMS General 17-Oct-22 HCKKVENTURE Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
CANFINHOME General;Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 HERITGFOOD General;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
CHOICEIN Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 HFCL Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
CRAFTSMAN General;Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 ICICIGI Audited Results;Interim Dividend 18-Oct-22
ELIXIR Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 INDBANK Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
FOCUS Half Yearly Results;Interim Dividend 17-Oct-22 INDBNK Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
HEIDELBERG Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 INDINFO Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
INDOWIND Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 JSWISPL General;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
INDUSFINL Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 KORE Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
INDXTRA Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 KPIGREEN Interim Dividend;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
IRBINVIT Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 KPITTECH Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
JINDRILL Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 KUANTUM Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
KAVVERITEL General 17-Oct-22 LKPFIN Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
LAL Half Yearly Results 17-Oct-22 LLOYDSME General;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
MAHABANK Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 LTTS Interim Dividend;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
MAHSEAMLES Bonus issue;Quarterly Results;Stock  Split 17-Oct-22 MACINTR General 18-Oct-22
NARPROP General 17-Oct-22 MAHINDCIE Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
NGIL General;Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 MAHSHRE General;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
ORIENTHOT Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 MANCREDIT Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
PIONDIST Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 MOONGIPASEC General;Preferential Issue of shares;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
PROFINC Bonus issue 17-Oct-22 NETWORK18 Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
PVR Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 NEWGEN General;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
RPGLIFE Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 NILASPACES Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
SEACOAST Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 PADMAIND Reduction of Capital 18-Oct-22
SPANDANA Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 PANTH Right Issue of Equity Shares;Increase in Authorised Capital;General 18-Oct-22
SRESTHA General 17-Oct-22 POLYCAB Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
STARHFL Bonus issue;Quarterly Results;Stock  Split 17-Oct-22 PRAJIND Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
TANFACIND Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 PSPPROJECT Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
TATACOFFEE Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 RANEENGINE Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
TATAMETALI Audited Results 17-Oct-22 RAYALEMA General 18-Oct-22
THANGAMAYL Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 SCHAEFFLER Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
TOKYOFIN Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 SHALBY Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
TRANOCE Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 SONATSOFTW Interim Dividend;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
VSL Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 SUUMAYA Half Yearly Results 18-Oct-22
WORL Quarterly Results 17-Oct-22 TAKE Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
ZEAL General 17-Oct-22 TATACOMM Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
ALPHALOGIC General 18-Oct-22 TFL Right Issue of Equity Shares 18-Oct-22
ANANTRAJ Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22 TINPLATE Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
ASRL General;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22 TRINITYLEA Preferential Issue of shares 18-Oct-22
AURUM Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22 TTLEL General;Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
BLBLIMITED Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22 TV18BRDCST Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22
COLORCHIPS Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22 WHITEORG Quarterly Results 18-Oct-22


Company Name Ex-Date Purpose Company Name Ex-Date Purpose
SUVEN 17-Oct-22 Right Issue of Equity Shares IIFLWAM 28-Oct-22 Interim Dividend
TCS 17-Oct-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 8.0000 KPIGREEN 28-Oct-22 Interim Dividend
DUGARHOU 18-Oct-22 Reduction of Capital MAHACORP 28-Oct-22 E.G.M.
HLEGLAS 18-Oct-22 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/- SANINFRA 28-Oct-22 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-
AARTIIND 19-Oct-22 Spin Off VISAGAR 28-Oct-22 E.G.M.
HCLTECH 19-Oct-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 10.0000 VIVIDHA 28-Oct-22 E.G.M.
TPLPLAST 19-Oct-22 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/- ASIANPAINT 31-Oct-22 Interim Dividend
UHZAVERI 19-Oct-22 Bonus issue 2:3 DCMSHRIRAM 31-Oct-22 Interim Dividend
ANANDRATHI 20-Oct-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 5.0000 ISEC 31-Oct-22 Interim Dividend
ANGELONE 20-Oct-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 9.0000 NESTLEIND 31-Oct-22 Interim Dividend
IRBINVIT 20-Oct-22 Income Distribution (InvIT) SASKEN 31-Oct-22 Interim Dividend
JAICORPLTD 20-Oct-22 Dividend – Rs. – 0.5000 SYMPHONY 31-Oct-22 Interim Dividend
ANJANIFOODS 21-Oct-22 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/- TDPOWERSYS 31-Oct-22 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-
ATAM 21-Oct-22 Bonus issue 1:1 BSOFT 01-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
AXITA 21-Oct-22 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/- HINDUNILVR 01-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
PERFEPA 21-Oct-22 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/- KPEL 01-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
REGENCY 21-Oct-22 Bonus issue 1:1 NACLIND 01-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
TAINWALCHM 21-Oct-22 E.G.M. RKFORGE 01-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
TANLA 21-Oct-22 Buy Back of Shares ROUTE 01-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
UNIVPHOTO 21-Oct-22 Special Dividend – Rs. – 10.0000 SHREDIGCEM 01-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
VGIL 21-Oct-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.2000 VAIBHAVGBL 03-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
CYIENT 25-Oct-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 10.0000 CRISIL 04-Nov-22 Interim Dividend
ICICIGI 27-Oct-22 Interim Dividend PGHH 04-Nov-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 65.0000
INFY 27-Oct-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 16.5000 PUNITCO 09-Nov-22 Bonus issue 5:1
LTTS 27-Oct-22 Interim Dividend GILLETTE 10-Nov-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 36.0000

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