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Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited IPO Company Profile :

Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited is the second-largest float glass manufacturer in India with a 16% share of manufacturing capacity for float glass in Fiscal 2021. Its integrated operations and focus on the value-added glass segment have led it to become one of the leading players in India with a 30% market share of sales volume for value-added glass and a 15% market share of sales volume for clear glass in the Fiscal 2021. Its products cater to a range of end-use industries including automotive, construction, and industrial sectors, with a variety of applications.

Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited Company Products: 

  • CLEAR GLASS– Clear glass, is a transparent glass, which allows passage of light. Clear glass offers little protection from heat, fire, physical and chemical impact, and is typically used across various applications, such as windows, furniture, shelves, partitions, doors, bathroom cubicles, balconies, staircases, and the front side of commercial shops. Clear glass is also used as a base for further processing of glass to give it desired functional properties.

  • VALUE ADDED GLASS– Value-added glass category includes tinted, mirror, reflective, lacquered, frosted, and low e-glass. Manufacturing value-added glasses entails value-added processes such as the inclusion of additives or coating of clear glass.

  • PROCESSED GLASS– Processed glass includes toughened glass, heat-strengthened glass, ceramic insulated glass, PVB laminated glass, and bullet-resistant glass among others.

Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited IPO Financial Analysis:

 Particulars 9M FY-22(in cr.) FY-21(in cr.) FY-20(in cr.) FY-19(in cr.)
Revenue 1029.98 852.55 628.65 780.38
Cost of goods sold 255.24 278.34 207.53 208.64
Gross profit 774.74 574.21 421.12 571.74
Gross profit margin 75.22 67.35 66.99 73.26
Empl. Cost 38.32 38.61 38.86 36.29
Other exp. 401.56 378.23 344.58 488.42
EBITDA 334.86 157.37 37.68 47.03
EBITDA M 32.51 18.46 5.99 6.03
Depreciation 62.91 82.28 70.96 73.18
Interest 47.85 76.02 73.77 64.5
PBT 224.1 -0.93 -107.05 -90.65
Total tax 58.44 -41.75 0 0
PAT 165.66 40.82 -107.05 -90.65
Dep./revenue% 6.11 9.65 11.29 9.38
Int./revenue% 4.65 8.92 11.73 8.27

Segment Revenue and % Share:

Products 9M FY-22(in cr.) %Share FY-21(in cr.) %Share FY-20(in cr.) %Share FY-19(in cr.) %Share
Clear Glass 517.88 50.28% 517.19 60.67% 499.54 79.46% 672.95 86.24%
Value-Added Glass 497.07 48.26% 322.02 37.77% 114.64 18.24% 89.38 11.45%
Processed Glass 15.02 1.46% 13.32 1.56% 14.46 2.30% 18.03 2.31%
Total 1029.97 100.00% 852.53 100.00% 628.64 100.00% 780.36 100.00%


Recent announcement:

Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited, the country’s second-largest (1250 tonnes per day) float glass manufacturing company, already started working on India’s largest float glass project to meet the demand for indigenous float glass. The Project is coming up in a massive land of approx. 200 acres in Belgaum, Karnataka. The new green field project will consist of 2 float lines of 800 tonnes per day capacity each and a solar glass line of 300 tonnes per day capacity. Amongst the above heavy float glass lines, the float glass line with 800 tonnes per day capacity is likely to commence production from 1ST quarter of the calendar year 2023. With a gap of 6 months each, the other two lines with production of 300 tonnes of solar glass and 800 tonnes of float glass per day will also commence. The above float glass projects of the company would to a certain extent be helpful in meeting the increasing demand for float glass in the country. Also one of the float lines will be the first in India that is designed to produce 15 and 19 mm thick glass. Two float lines at the same location are planned to provide a complete product mix of clear and tinted glass variants to the customers. The company has also planned to set up a solar glass plant keeping in view the environment as solar glass is used to generate electricity in photo voltaic panels.

Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited IPO Issue Size:

Fresh issue of up to Equity Shares aggregating up to ₹300 crore

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Ans. Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited IPO will comprise fresh share issue and new offer share issue. The company aims to go public to accelerate its growth and expansion plan.

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