Q1. Can I use E-mail id and mobile number of my family members ?

Ans.  Yes you can use email id and mobile number of your family members. This can be possible only in following  case

  1. Spouse
  2. Dependent children
  3. Dependent parents

In such cases you just need to give undertaking for same email id and mobile.You can’t use same email id and same mobile number of your cousin neighboursand your friends.

Q2. I use my name without surname so that in my pan card and address proof only first part of my name is used and in my bank details there is my name with surname. How can I open my account in such situation?

Ans . You can easily open an account with us. You just need to give a valid proof of your surname in which u are showing that your surname is so and so. Like in aadhaar card or voter card your father name is printed with surname. In such case you just have to fill the name mismatch declaration form in our account opening form.

Q3 My name is mismatch in my documents.  Will I have to fill the name mismatch declaration form in this case?

Ans. Yes you have to fill the name mismatch declaration form.

Q4. Can I give correspondence address proof in account opening time ?

Ans . Yes you can give correspondence address proof but in such case you have to give your permanent address proof also.

Q5. Can I use my husband address proof for my address proof ?

Ans. Yes but in such case you have to show your relation proof like marriage certificate , passport etc.

Q6. I have joint bank account in which I am 2nd holder. Will you consider this bank account for valid bank proof for your account opening documents?

Ans. Yes we will consider this bank account but you just have to give “No Objection letter ” from 1st holder so that the 1st holder has not any objection that you are using his\her account for trading purpose with us.

Q7. If I am 1st holder then there is also any need to give such NOC letter?

Ans. No. if you are 1st holder then there is no need to give NOC letter.

Q8. Can minor be a nominee?

Ans. Yes. Minor can be nominee. You have to give guardian details in nominee form.

Q9. Can I give more than one nominee details?

Ans. Yes but in such case you have to declare the ratio of part of your holdings that you want to give your nominee.Nomination form is available in our customer care download section.

Q10. What is contract note?

Ans. Contract note is the legal record of any transaction carried out on a stock exchange through a stock broker. It serves as the confirmation of trade done on a particular day on behalf of a client on a stock exchange (BSE/NSE/ MCX/ NCDEX).

Q11. What is C-KYC?  What are the documents required for C-KYC registration?

Ans. C-KYC stands for Central KYC, a process storing the KYC records of the customer centrally. The programme was announced by the Government of India in the 2012-13 Union Budget and went live in July 2016. With Central KYC (cKYC) program, once you finish the KYC process with an entity authorised to conduct KYC, it will be sufficient for you to invest in all the other financial products including Mutual Funds. Central KYC (cKYC) is being managed by The Central Registry of Securitization and Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest in India (CERSAI).

You need to give your one passport size photograph, pan card and valid address proof along with CKYC form for CKYC registration.

Q12. What is KRA?What are the documents required for kyc registration in kra?

Ans.With a view to bring uniformity in the KYC requirements for the securities markets, SEBI has initiated usage of uniform KYC by all SEBI registered intermediaries. In this regard SEBI has issued the SEBI {KYC (Know Your Client) Registration Agency (KRA)}, Regulations, 2011. KRA provides for centralization of the KYC records in the securities market. The client who is desirous of opening an account/trade/deal with the SEBI registered Intermediary shall submit the KYC details through the KYC Registration form and supporting documents. The Intermediary shall perform the initial KYC and upload the details on the system of the KYC Registration Agency (KRA). This KYC information can be accessed by all the SEBI Registered Intermediaries while dealing with the same client. As a result, once the client has done KYC with a SEBI registered intermediary, he need not undergo the same process again with another intermediary.

You need to give your one passport size photograph, pan card and valid address proof along with kyc form for KYC registration in KRA.

Q13. My KYC is incomplete in KRA. How can I register my KYC in KRA?

Ans. Just give your one passport size photograph, pan card and valid address proof with kyc form to your RM or submit to our office. We will update your KYC in KRA.

Q14. Can I open minor trading account? If yes what are the documents required for that?

Ans. No, you can’t open trading account of minor.

Q15. Can I open minor demat account? If yes what are the documents required for that?

Ans. Yes.  You can open demataccount of minor with guardian details.

Following are the self-attested documents required for minor’sdemat account.

  1. Pan card
  2. Address prrof
  3. One passport size photograph
  4. DOB proof (birth certificate in lang Hindi or English)
  5. Bank proof(name printed on that)
  6. Guardian’s pan card
  7. Guardian’s address proof
  8. Guardian’s photograph

Q16. Can I appoint authorize person on my behalf who will take part in trading process?

Ans. No. You can’t.

Q17. What is POA?

Ans. Power of Attorney is authority given by demat account holder to us. In that authority you will give the right to us that we can directly debit the shares from your account and provide to the exchangefor Payin of securities or against margin obligation.

Q18. Can I give different bank details for trading and demat account?

Ans.Yes , but all proof’s need to be given.

Q19. Can I give more than one bank details in trading account for funds transfer?

Ans. Yes, but all bank proof’s need to be give.

Q20. Can there be more than one bank details in demat account?

Ans. No.

Q21. My pan card number has been changed. What should I do for changing my pan details with you?

Ans. You need to give one copy of your pan card surrender letter to us with new pan card copy.(self attested)

Q22. Can I collect my welcome letter directly from your office?

Ans.  No. Because the purpose of sending welcome letter at your address is verifying your address .

Q23. I don’t have bank account and I want to open joint demat account with you. Can I give bank details of 2nd holder?

Ans. No you can’t give bank details of 2nd person. You have to give your own bank details to us. You can give joint bank account details.

Q24. Can I open only a trading or demat account?

Ans. Yes. But in trading account you have to give your demat  account details.Another problem you will face is that you can not sell your securities from your trading account with us before transferring the securities in our pool account.

Q25. I am not trading from last six month. My account has been dormant. Now I want to trade what is the process.

Ans.Go to customer care linkcustomecare@elitewealth.inand download our account reactivation form and send it to our office address or your respective RM.

Q26.How can I change my details like address, email id, mobile number and bank account number in my account ?

Ans.Go to customer care linkcustomecare@elitewealth.in-> forms for download->kyc modification formand fill that form and submit to us with valid proof like for address change new address proof or for bank details new bank account proof or you can directly contact to your RM.

Q27. What are the documents required for the nominee registration?

Ans. Please submit any one of the following documents:

  1. Photo with across sign.
  2. Pan of nominee.
  3. Aadhaar number of nominee.
  4. Saving bank account no of nominee, if maintain with the same participant.
  5. Demat account details of nominee.
  6. Copy of any proof of identity document(accompanied by original for verification or duly attested by any entity authorized for attesting the documents).

Q28. I already have equity account with you and want to activate the derivate segment. Should I need to fill the kyc form again?

Ans.  No you just need to fill the new segment activation form and also have to give latest 6 month transaction of your bank account or ITR copy of your last 2 financial year and submit to us.

Q29. What are the minimum service charges?

Ans. As per the agreed tariff sheet we have to take Rs 15/- as minimum service charges the traded day. If the brokerage is less than Rs 15/- then the difference will be charged as service charges. This happens in such cases where the value of share is very less and the client has done 2 or 3 trades where the brokerage is coming to be less than Rs 15/-.

Q30. How can I convert my offline account in online account?

Ans. You can give us just a request by an email. All new accounts are by default opened online also where client can trade through web.

Q31. What are the documents required for opening  a HUF account?

Ans.Following self-attested documents copy are required for HUF account.

  1. Pan card of HUF.
  2. Address proof of HUF(bank passbook with latest transactions) .
  3. Pan card of karta.
  4. Address proof of karta.
  5. Bank accounts details of HUF(it should be either cheque with name printed on that or bank passbook with latest transactions).
  6. 3 photographs of karta.
  7. HUF Declaration Deed.

Q32. What are the documents required for company account?

Ans.  Followingdocuments copy are required for company account

  1. Pan card of a company
  2. Address proof of a company
  3. Board resolution
  4. MOA, AOA and certificate of incorporation.
  5. Copy of balance sheets for the last 2 financial year.
  6. Copy of latest share holding
  7. Photograph, POI, POA, PAN and DIN numbers of whole time directors or two directors.
  8. Copy of cheque or bank passbook with latest transactions.
  9. Photograph, POI, POA and PAN of individual promoters holding control –either directly or indirectly.
  10. Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures.

Q33. What are the documents required for NRE/NRO account?

Ans.  Following self-attested documents copyare required for NRE/NRO account

  1. 2 color photographs .
  2. Pan card(self-attested).
  3. Address proof self-attested( Indian and the other country where the person is reside).
  4. PIS letter from bank.
  5. Bank proof(it should be either cheque or bank passbook with latest transactions).

Q34. How can I close my trading or demat account?

Ans. Download account closing form from our websitecustomecare@elitewealth.inand fill it and submit to us.

Q35. My bank account IFSC code is not updating in your records? What I have to do for updating that code?

Ans. Download bank updation form from our website and fill that form and submit to our office with bank account proof (cancelled cheque copy or bank passbookfront page mentioning the IFSC code with latest transactions).

Q36. My name has been changed due to my marriage now I want to change my name in my account. How can I change my name in my account?

Ans. You have to submit your marriage certificate or affidavit to us with self-attested copy of your pan card and kycupdation modification form.

Q37. Can I change my nominee?

Ans. Yes, you can change nominee by submitting the nomination form.

Q38. I have changed my name. I gave name changing advertisement in local newpaper. How can I change my name in your records?

Ans. you can change your name in our records by providing copy of that local newspaper , copy of pan card and kycupdation  modification form.

Q39. What documents are required for HUF account re-activation?

Ans. For HUF account reactivation you need to first check your kyc whether it is registered or not by NDML or CVL. If your kyc is registered then you need to give just reactivation form or if it not then you need to give whole documents which are required for the time of opening an account.

Q40. Can I cancel my Power of Attorney?

Ans. Yes you can cancel your POA just giving a written request letter to us.

Q41. I want trading related confirmation messages in my both the numbers.  Is it possible?

Ans. No. we send trading related confirmation messages in only one registered number, but we can keep your another number in our record for communication purpose.

Q42.How many saving bank account and demat account I can link with my trading account?

Ans. you can add multiple bank account and demat account in your trading account.But there will be one primary Bank account where we will be sending the payouts.

Q43. Is email id is mandatory for open an account with elite?

Ans. Yes.  We send all details regarding your account like contract note,  statement of accounts etc. in your email id.

Q44. How do I get my user id and password after open an account?

Ans.once your account is opened with us you will get your user id and password on your email id and also in your welcome letter.

Q45. In how many days I will get my welcome letter?

Ans. Welcome letter will be reached at your address within 10 days of open an account with us.

Q46. What things I will get in welcome letter?

Ans.  You will get DIS booklet and welcome letter in which the details are mentioned like your user id and password, your back office login id and password, your client code your RM name etc.

Q47. What is DIS booklet?

Ans.DIS is delivery instruction slip. It is required for transfer of shares and at the time of transactions in a Demat account. It is the authorization you are giving to your depository participant to debit the shares from your account.It will be used only when you have not given Power Of Attorney and if you want to transfer your shares from one Demat account to another Demat account offline.

Q48.Can I change my signature in my account? If yes then what is procedure?

Ans.  Yes you can change your signature. You just need to give a request letter for signature change and new signature should be duly attested by your bank manager.

Q50. I have not applied for power of attorney during the time of account opening.  How can I register power of attorney in favourof broker?

Ans. You can fill the prescribed form for Power Of Attorney authorization and submit to our branch/RM.

Q51. When a trading account is termed as dormant?

Ans.when in your account there are not any sale/purchase transactions done from the last 6 months.

Q52.  How can I know my relationship manager details?

Ans.  By your welcome letter that was sent  at the time of account opening.

Q53. What is limited purpose of Power of Attorney?

Ans. Limited purpose power of attorney is that your broker useit only for auto pay in purpose and for margin obligation in regards to your positions.

Q54. Whether a joint trading and demat account can be open?

Ans. Trading account can’t be open jointly but demat account can be open in the name of two or more.(Max. 3 Holders)

Q55. What are the documents required for derivative segment activation?

Ans.Following are the documents required for derivative segment activations.(give any one of them)

  1. Copy of ITR Acknowledgement for last 2 years
  2. Net worth certificate
  3. In case of salary income – Salary Slip, Copy of Form 16
  4. Bank account statement for last 6 months
  5. Copy of demat account holding statement – not more than 3 months old
  6. Any other relevant documents substantiating ownership of assets.

You have to submit new segment activation form with any one of the above written documents.

Q56. I already have an account in derivative segment. Should I have to give 6 months statement again for reactivation of my account?

Ans. Yes, and in case of corporate account every year the audited balance sheet and ITR is required.

Q57. Can I link other depository account in my trading account?

Ans. Yes. In such case you have to give your self-attested and stamped client master of the other DP account and request letter.

Q58. What is in-person verification. Is it mandatory part of account opening process?

Ans. As per the law of SEBI when any person wants to open a trading or demat account then one person of the broking firm has to meet the person personally and verify his/her original documents. This process we called in-person verification. Yes this process is mandatory. Since we provide online facility for account opening we verify your original documents via skype or any other online facility.

Q59. What documents are required for company account re-activation?

Ans. In such case you need to check whether company’s kyc is registered or not then

If company’s kyc  is registered  then you need to submit the following documents

  1. Reactivation form duly signed by the Authorised person as mentioned at the time of opening of account.
  2. Board Resolution for requesting reactivation
  3. last 2 yrs Balance sheet and ITR with Audited financial statements.


If company’s  kyc is not registered the you need to submit the following documents

  1. Pan card of a company
  2. Address proof of a company
  3. Board resolution
  4. MOA, AOA and certificate of incorporation.
  5. Copy of balance sheets for the last 2 financial year.
  6. Copy of latest share holding
  7. Photograph, POI, POA, PAN and DIN numbers of whole time directors or two directors.
  8. Copy of cheque or bank passbook with latest transactions.
  9. Photograph, POI, POA and PAN of individual promoters holding control –either directly or indirectly.
  10. Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures.

Q60. When I was minor I opened a demat account with you now I have become major I want to convert that account from minor to major. How can I do that?

Ans.The existing account will be closed and new account opened in the name of the minor turned major and all securities in the minor account are transferred to the new account.

Q61. Who can open trading and demat account with you?

Ans.For trading minimum age should be 18yrs and for demat anybody can open the account.

Q62. What is FATCA /CRS declaration?

Ans. FATCA stands for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. It is a declaration by each individual / corporate etc .that they don’t have any foreign accounts or funds routed from foreign etc.

Q63. Basic service demat account?

Ans.All individual who currently have one account or plan to open an demat account where they are the sole first holder will be allowed to open the BSDA, provided that the value of securities held here will not be more than Rs2 lakh at any given point of time. Keep in mind that you are allowed to open only one BSDA across all DPs.

Q64. Who can be eligible for the RGESS? What are the benefits of this scheme?

Ans. Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme or RGESS is a new equity tax advantage savings scheme for equity investors in India, with the stated objective of “encouraging the savings of the small investors in the domestic capital markets.”It is exclusively for the first time retail investors in securities market.

The maximum investment allowed for claiming deduction under RGESS is Rs. 50,000. The investor will be eligible to get a 50% deduction of the amount invested from the taxable income of that year u/s 80CCG. The benefit is over and above the deduction available u/s Sec 80C.

Q65. What are the account opening charges?

Get these details from ASHISH GOEL.

Q66. When can I receive the payout of funds and services?

Ans. Pay in day is the day when the brokers shall make payment or delivery of securities to the exchange. Pay out day is the day when the exchange makes payment or delivery of securities to the broker. Settlement cycle is on T+2 rolling settlement basis w.e.f. April 01, 2003

Q67. How will I get my dividend?

Ans. Dividend will be credited to the bank account linked to your demat account.

Q68.Can I open again a new trading account with you?

Ans. No, in case you have already opened an trading account with us otherwise you can.

Q69. What is the difference between updating bank details in demat or trading account only or in both?

Ans. if you update bank in trading account only for funds transfer  then the old bank we can keep in our record on your request and in demat account your bank detail remains same . But when you give request for update bank details in both then we update your bank details in both trading and demat account. The old bank details will be remain same in trading only but in demat your old bank details will be removed. In trading account you can keep more than one bank but in demat you can keep only one bank detail.

Q70. Is C-KYC applicable in non-individual account?

Ans. No. CKYC is applicable only in individual account.

Q71. How do I open a trading and demat account with you?

Ans. You can download our account opening form from our website and fill that completely and send it with required documents either our office address or our customer care mail id.

Q72. How do I know that my trading and demat account has been approved?

Ans.Once the account gets opened the client will receive an email as well as an SMS.

Q73. In how many segment I can open an account?

Ans. We open an account in following segments.

  1. Equity
  2. Derivatives
  3. Currency
  4. Commodity


Q74. Can a demat account be opened in the name of HUF?

Ans. No. In the case of HUF, shares can be held in the name of existing karta on behalf of HUF.

Q75. Can multiple demat accounts be opened by an investor?

Ans. yes.

Q76. Can an investor operate a joint account of dematon “either or survivor” basis just like a bank account?

Ans. No. The demat account cannot be operated on “either or survivor” basis like the bank account.

Q77. I have joint DP account with you. Can I add or delete the other holder account form my demat account?

Ans. No. The names of the account holders of a BO account cannot be changed. Ifany change has to be effected by addition or deletion, a new account has to be opened in the desired holding pattern (names) and then transfer the securities tothe newly opened account. The old account may be closed.


Q78. In the event of death of the sole holder in , how the successors should claim the securities lying in the demat account?


Ans. The claimant should submit to the concerned DP an application i.e. Transmission Request Form (TRF) along with the following supporting documents –

  1. In case of death of sole holder; where the sole holder has appointed a nominee


  • Notarised copy of the death certificate


  1. In case of death of the sole holder; where the sole holder has not appointed a nominee


  • Notarised copy of the death certificate


And any one of the below mentioned documents :


  • Succession certificate
  • Copy of probated will
  • Letter of Administration

The DP, after ensuring that the application is genuine, will transfer securities to the account of the claimant.


Q79. Who can nominate?


Ans.Nomination can be made only by individuals holding beneficial accounts either singly or jointly. Non-individuals including society, trust, body corporate, Karta of HUF, holder of POA cannot nominate.


Q80. Can minor be a joint holder in another demat account?


Ans. No.


Q81. Can someone else operate the account on behalf of the BO on the basis of a power of attorney (POA)?


Ans. No.


Q82. Can one pledge the dematerialised securities?

Ans. Yes.

Q83. How does I check trading ledger balance and demat holdings?


Ans.It can be seen online at customer convenience by login into backoffice section at our portal www.elitewealth.in.


Q84. What are the steps involved in opening an account?


Ans. Following are the steps:


  1. Receiving of duly filled up form along with the documents required.
  2. Scrutiny of documents and checking of signatures done.
  3. Verification call is made to the client to verify the details as per the KYC
  4. Once verification done then Demat account is opened and then the trading account gets uploaded.
  5. Once the account is opened welcome mail sent by us on client’s registered email id with us.
  6. After opening the trading and demat account we do the KRA registration as well as cKYC registration.


Q85. My account has been opened with you. I received my welcome kit. Now I want to trade please provide me to whom I have to contact?


Ans.Once you receive the welcome kit first verify the details and further if you want to trade then you need to dial 011-42445858, you will automatically get connected to your respective Dealer.


Q86. Whether the current account can be linked with individual trading and demat account?


Ans. Yes.


Q87. What are the Brokerage charges?


Ans.This is as per the Plan opted by the client.


Q88. How can I transfer the funds in elite bank account?


Ans.There are 2 ways to transfer the funds into elite bank account. Firstly you can deposit the cheque into elite Bank account number at any of the branch near to you and then send an email to the customer care for the same. The other method is you can transfer online also using our trading platform or by going to our website where you will find the Online funds transfer icon by using Net Banking.


Q89. Can I give Post office saving account detail for open trading and demat account?




Q90. Start up company can’t produce balance sheet for 2 years in that case is there any alternative way??


Ans.Networth certificate should be enough, there is no minimum networth.


Q91. How will I know is there is any rejection in my account?


Ans.  Our representative will contact you in case there is any rejection.  Also the client will get an SMS from KYC department.


Q92. How will I be intimated regarding the account opening ?


Ans. You will receive welcome SMS on your registered mobile number, welcome email on the registered email id and welcome letter along with welcome kit on the registered address.

You will also receive the user id and password on your registered mobile number.


Q93. How do I know my request for changing details has been processed?


Ans.  When your details changed in our records then confirmation will be sent to your registered mobile number.


Q94. Can you update and details on phone call?


Ans. No. we require modification kyc form with valid documents for make any change in your account.


Q95.  What is the cost structure of basic service demat account?

Ans.  As per SEBI directive, the charge structure will be based on value of holdings in the accounts as indicated below:

  • No AMC shall be levied, if the value of holding is up to Rs. 50,000.
  • For the value of holding from Rs 50,001 to Rs 200,000, AMC not exceeding Rs 100 may be charged.
  • If the value of holding in such BSDA exceeds Rs. 200,000 at any date, the DPs may levy charges as applicable to regular accounts (non-BSDA) from that date onwards.


Q96. Can I convert my demat account into BSDA?


Ans. Yes. Contact to our representatives for this.


Q97. I want to open equity and commodity account with you. Can I give two different email id in both the accounts?

Ans. yes.

Q98. Can I change the mobile/email id through email?

Ans. No. we require hard copy for make any change in your account.

Q99. Do I need to provide all holders’ signature on modification form?

Ans.  Yes.

Q100. If I have demat account with CDSL , can I transfer shares from CDSL to NSDL?                        

Ans. Yes.

Q101. What is transmission of dematerialised securities?

Ans. Transmission is the process by which securities of a deceased account holder are transferred to the account of his legal heirs / nominee.

Q102. What needs to be done if an error message like ‘Invalid email id’ is displayed while using the ‘Forgot

      Password’ link to get the new system generated login and trading passwords?


Ans. Kindly update your email id.