The NIFTY opened at 19581.20 without much of a gap. Initially, the index moved sideways for the first two hours of trading and eventually broke on the downside. Prices have seen a sharp intraday decline and moved below 19500. The Index found strong support there and bounced up after recording its intraday low at 19491.50.Prices saw a sharp rally toward the end, recorded its intraday high at 19636.45, and finally closed at 19611.05 near its day’s highs with a gain of 36.15 points or 0.18% up. FMCG outperformed and closed with a gain of 1% followed by PHARMA and OIL GAS. REALTY and METAL underperformed and closed with a loss followed by BANK. The index broke the 19250-19500 range and closed above 19500 for the second consecutive day confirming the breakout. We should look for buying only as far as the NIFTY is moving above the 19500 level.


The BANK NIFTY opened at 44494.65 with a gap down of 49 points. The index initially consolidated for about the first two hours and then broke on the downside. Prices have seen a sharp decline, found support around 44250, and then turned up. The index recorded its intraday high at 44577, its intraday low at 44207.25, and finally closed at 44468.55 with a loss of 75 points. PSU BANK underperformed, saw a sharp downside move, and closed with a loss of 1%. PVT BANK also moved down and ended with a loss of 0.43%. Within the index, in terms of points, HDFC BANK contributed the highest on the upside while ICICI BANK contributed the lowest. The short-term trend is sideways. We have been tracking a trading range inside 44000-44800 zones. Prices have been moving inside this range for the past two weeks and the range is still intact.


CIPLA 1256.75 BUY The stock is about to give a breakout on the intraday and the daily chart. The stock can be bought above 1259.35 with a stop loss of 1247.00 and a target of 1284.15.
DIXON 4998.15 SELL The stock has given a breakdown on the intraday as well as the daily chart. The stock can be sold below 4958.85 with a stop loss of  5012.35 and a target of 4851.95.


Stock Name Strike Price Buy/Sell CMP Initiation Stop Loss Target Remarks
CIPLA   1300 CE BUY 16 CMP 12.80 22.55 BREAKOUT
Long Buildup Short Buildup
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
PETRONET.23.09 Sep 245.8 6.55 9.08 21813000 MANAPPURAM.23.09Sep 146.9 -3.29 1.5 78546000
IDEA.23.09 Sep 10.65 6.5 4.51 1004720000 DIXON.23.09 Sep 4980.5 -3.07 7.55 1503400
TATACONSUM.23.09 Sep 886.7 4.2 11.27 10801800 PNB.23.09 Sep 66.1 -2.51 6.78 322992000
SYNGENE.23.09 Sep 843 4.04 6.58 4129000 SAIL.23.09 Sep 99.35 -2.5 6.94 155280000
INDUSTOWER.23.09 Sep 185.2 3.84 3.42 89182000 ABCAPITAL.23.09 Sep 187.95 -2.44 3.33 37411200
                                                                        Short Covering                                                                       Long Unwinding
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
BALRAMCHIN.23.09 Sep 413.9 2.03 -3.55 14120000 HINDCOPPER.23.09 Sep 163.4 -3 -2.81 35361600
AARTIIND.23.09 Sep 517.65 1.55 -0.01 12057000 BHEL.23.09 Sep 136.6 -1.66 -4.53 84241500
SRF.23.09 Sep 2462.4 1.45 -4.88 3410625 HINDALCO.23.09 Sep 479.95 -1.59 -1.94 24236800
IBULHSGFIN.23.09 Sep 189.8 1.28 -0.79 61633500 MPHASIS.23.09 Sep 2484.65 -1.33 -1.79 2554475
INDIAMART.23.09 Sep 3273.85 1.12 -2.39 636600 NMDC.23.09 Sep 142.4 -1.01 -0.1 111505500

Top Delivery Percentage

Stocks Price %Chg Total Qty Delivery Del % % Change
Sectors Price Change % Quantity
United Breweries Limited 1581.55 0.4 266215 190556 75.73 Nifty50 19611.05 0.18 109857
Infosys Limited 1477.45 -0.1 5075786 4092711 74.46 Niftybank 44409.1 -0.28 109797
Max Financial Services l 932.45 1.31 279465 1085949 73.39 Nifty it 32312.3 -0.16 109797
Marico Limited 588.25 1.84 1815156 1327964 72.55 India Vix 10.68 -1.32 110100
Alkem 3655.1 0.25 173948 172171 72.04 Nifty Fmcg 52064.85 1 109797
Power Grid Corporation o 254.5 0.08 7513855 5744701 70.32 Nifty Pharma 15355.3 0.9 109797
Divi S Laboratories Limi 3707.95 1.8 407338 313086 69.58 Nifty Realty 570.65 -0.96 109797
Britannia Ind Ltd. 4569.15 1.2 300673 311478 68.71 Nifty Auto 15921.25 -0.13 109797
Dabur India Ltd. 561.55 0.3 635877 680733 68.59 Nifty Metal 6983.7 -0.79 109797
Coromandel International 1138.35 0.45 333226 314245 68.05 Nifty Financial Services 19759 0.02 109797

Upcoming Economic Data

   Domestic                                                                                                                                                  International
INR  : CPI (YoY) (Aug) on 12th Sep, 2023

INR  : Industrial Production (YoY) (Jul) on 12th Sep, 2023

USD : Initial Jobless Claims on 07th Sep, 2023

USD : CPI (MoM) (Aug) on 13th Sep, 2023

News Updates

  • Indian benchmark indices ended on a positive note for the fourth consecutive session on September 6 with Nifty above 19,600. At close, the Sensex was up 100.26 points or 0.15 percent at 65,880.52, and the Nifty was up 36.10 points or 0.18 percent at 19,611. About 1869 shares advanced, 1659 shares declined, and 142 shares unchanged.

  • Adani Total Gas Ltd., has received a work order for a 500 tonne per day bio-CNG plant in Ahmedabad from the local city body. The work order received from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corp. is to design, build, finance, and operate the plant on a public-private partnership model, the company said in an exchange

  • TCS Ltd. has entered into a strategic partnership with the digital unit of Jaguar Land Rover Plc as part of the carmaker’s “reimagine” strategy. India’s largest IT services company will help the luxury unit of Tata Motors Ltd. accelerate the modernisation of its digital estate and build a new technology architecture.

  • Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. has entered into a joint venture with Alia Bhatt’s kids and maternity-wear brand, Ed-a-Mamma, for a 51% stake. The deal marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainable fashion for the younger generation, the retail arm of Reliance Industries Ltd. said in a statement on Wednesday.

Source: Economic Times,  Indian Express, Business Today, Livemint, Business Standard, Bloomberg Quint

Board Meetings

Company Name Purpose Meeting Date Company Name Purpose Meeting Date
AKM General 07-Sep-23 NAZARA Preferential Issue of shares 07-Sep-23
ALSL General 07-Sep-23 NIVAKA General 07-Sep-23
BENARA A.G.M. 07-Sep-23 NRBBEARING General;A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
BRANDBUCKT A.G.M.;Preferential Issue of shares 07-Sep-23 NYSSACORP General;A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
BTML General 07-Sep-23 ODYCORP General 07-Sep-23
EVERTEX A.G.M. 07-Sep-23 PALMJEWELS A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
FOODSIN Issue Of Warrants;Preferential Issue of shares 07-Sep-23 PARASPETRO General;A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
GGL A.G.M. 07-Sep-23 PATINTLOG General;Rights Issue 07-Sep-23
GUJCOTEX General;Increase in Authorised Capital;Preferential Issue of shares 07-Sep-23 PBGLOBAL A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
HILIKS Preferential Issue of shares 07-Sep-23 PRADHIN General 07-Sep-23
INSILCO Quarterly Results 07-Sep-23 REALECO General;A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
INTELLCAP General;Preferential Issue of shares 07-Sep-23 RESGEN A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
IWP General 07-Sep-23 SGNTE General;A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
MACH General 07-Sep-23 SHRYDUS A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
MENAMANI General;A.G.M. 07-Sep-23 STRLGUA General;A.G.M. 07-Sep-23
MISQUITA General 07-Sep-23 TRANOCE A.G.M. 07-Sep-23

Corporate Action

Company Name Ex-Date Purpose Company Name Ex-Date Purpose
ADVIKCA 07-Sep-23 Right Issue of Equity Shares AGARIND 08-Sep-23 Dividend – Rs. – 2.5000
BANCOINDIA 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 14.0000 ATL 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.5000
BNALTD 07-Sep-23 Dividend – Rs. – 0.5000 BAJAJST 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 3.0000
EXCELINDUS 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 11.2500 BRIGHTBR 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000
GSFC 07-Sep-23 Dividend – Rs. – 10.0000 CEINSYSTECH 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000
JTLIND 07-Sep-23 Bonus issue 1:1 COCHINM 08-Sep-23 Dividend – Rs. – 8.0000
KEMP 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 12.0000 FCL 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.8000
KOPRAN 07-Sep-23 Dividend – Rs. – 3.0000 GICRE 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 7.2000
MAZDALTD 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 14.0000 GIPCL 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 3.7500
MITSU 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.2000 GUJCRAFT 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000
MULTIBASE 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000 HARLETH 08-Sep-23 Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000
REPCOHOME 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 2.7000 HUDCO 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 3.1000
SGRL 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.5000 JAYBARMARU 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.7500
SHREYAS 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.5000 JAYSYN 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.2500
TIRUFOAM 07-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000 JBMA 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.3000
AAATECH 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.5000 KANPRPLA 08-Sep-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.5000

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