The NIFTY opened at 19748.45 without much of a gap. The index initially moved lower but found support and formed a range that eventually broke on the upside. A rally started and faced a strong resistance near yesterday’s closing price. The index recorded its intraday high at 19782.75 and moved down more than 100 points but saw a V-shaped reversal afterward. The rally again faced resistance almost at the same zone and the index again moved lower to record its intraday low at 19658.30. Prices finally closed at 19672.35 with a loss of 72.65 points or 0.37% down. FMCG underperformed today and ended with a loss of 1.72% followed by METAL and OIL GAS. PHARMA outperformed and closed with gains followed by AUTO and REALTY. The short-term trend is up. However, after a recent sharp upside rally, the index is witnessing some profit-taking. Support is visible around 19500 while psychological resistance is visible around the historic 20000 mark.


The BANK NIFTY opened at 46131.90 without much of a change. The index initially consolidated and eventually broke on the upside. However, prices could not move higher and turned down after recording its intraday high at 46191.50. A sharp decline came in the afternoon session, and prices moved sideways again. The index recorded its intraday low at 45858.75 and finally closed at 45921.40 with a loss of 212 points. PSU BANK outperformed, saw a mild up move, but closed with a gain of just 0.10%. PVT BANK underperformed today, saw a down move, and closed with a loss of 0.33%. Within the index, in terms of points, INDUSIND BANK contributed the highest on the upside while KOTAK BANK contributed the lowest. The short-term trend is up. Support is now visible around 45000 while there is no visible resistance as the index trading in uncharted territory. The last two days of volatile and narrow movement indicate a sharp move is about to come.


M&M FIN 321.25 BUY The stock is about to give a breakout on the intraday and the daily chart. The stock can be bought above 322.10 with a stop loss of 319.70 and a target of 327.75.
GODREJ CP 1036.40 SELL The stock has given a breakdown on the intraday as well as the daily chart. The stock can be sold below 2130.10 with a stop loss of 2157.90 and a target of 2074.55.


Stock Name Strike Price Buy/Sell CMP Initiation Stop Loss Target Remarks
TITAN (31 AUG)   3100 CE BUY 57.80 CMP 48.45 76.40 REVERSAL
Long Buildup Short Buildup
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
RECLTD.23.07 Jul 173.35 7.01 10.12 48472000 MCDOWELL-N.23.07 Jul 974.5 -6.44 1.5 10676400
CANFINHOME.23.07 Jul 893.6 6.43 2.09 2568150 BIOCON.23.07 Jul 248.7 -5.8 17.22 31222500
PFC.23.07 Jul 239.7 5.46 6.78 47163400 IGL.23.07 Jul 469.85 -5.23 15.78 8625375
GMRINFRA.23.07 Jul 46.6 5.31 1.37 116437500 ITC.23.07 Jul 468.6 -4.81 21.52 87947200
ICICIPRULI.23.07 Jul 570.6 3.42 2.11 10257000 DIXON.23.07 Jul 4000 -4.26 18.58 938000
                                                                        Short Covering                                                                       Long Unwinding
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
GLENMARK.23.07 Jul 785.8 4.22 -12.79 5843500 ATUL.23.07 Jul 6710.4 -4.65 -21.78 298725
BHEL.23.07 Jul 98.3 3.53 -0.91 71064000 AUBANK.23.07 Jul 737.15 -3.83 -10.28 9854000
LALPATHLAB.23.07 Jul 2366 3.12 -9.25 506100 INDIAMART.23.07 Jul 3056 -3.24 -18.56 731700
M&MFIN.23.07 Jul 321.5 3 -2.76 27380000 VEDL.23.07 Jul 269.65 -2.35 -1.06 42484000
ACC.23.07 Jul 1812 2.58 -19.84 3284100 ICICIGI.23.07 Jul 1386 -1.95 -2.37 4316500

Top Delivery Percentage

Stocks Price %Chg Total Qty Delivery Del % % Change
Sectors Price Change % Quantity
Alkem 3781.8 2.18 227440 208267 81.51 Nifty50 19672.35 -0.37 104229
Power Grid Corporation o 247.45 1.37 11119172 10629725 76.75 Niftybank 45923.05 -0.33 104166
Crompton Greaves Consume 289.9 -0.33 2373988 2709760 71.95 Nifty it 29843.45 -0.09 104166
Asian Paints Limited 3543.7 0.74 680246 601862 70.15 India Vix 11.65 1.5 104451
Dabur India Ltd. 565.3 0.02 2410138 2086894 69.32 Nifty Fmcg 52771.7 -1.72 104166
Hindustan Unilever Ltd 2580.25 -0.91 1777469 3597527 69.2 Nifty Pharma 14332.05 0.41 104166
Upl Limited 632.15 -0.39 1626647 1799305 68.73 Nifty Realty 537.15 0.2 104166
Bharti Airtel Limited 888.15 0.24 4125577 4779207 68.26 Nifty Auto 15617.55 0.17 104166
Godrej Cons Products Ltd 1036.4 -1.91 1056031 1642113 67.77 Nifty Metal 6395.55 -0.73 104166
Colgate Palmolive (india 1888.6 3.04 1204491 219609 67.62 Nifty Financial Services 20502.75 -0.15 104163

Upcoming Economic Data

   Domestic                                                                                                                                                  International
INR: M3 Money Supply on 26th July, 2023

INR: Infrastructure Output (YoY) (Jun) on 31st July, 2023

USD: CB Consumer Confidence (Jul) on 25th July, 2023

USD: Building Permits on 26th July, 2023

News Updates

  • The Indian market wilted under selling pressure in a volatile day of trade to end lower on July 24, with earnings season and weak global cues dragging the equity benchmarks lower. The 30-pack Sensex ended at 66,384.78, down 299.48 points or 0.45 percent. The broad-based Nifty50 closed at 19,672.35, down 0.37 percent or 72.65 points.

  • TVS Motor’s Q1 profit up 46% to Rs 468 crore, revenues rise 20%. The automaker’s overall two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales, including exports, grew by 5 percent registering sales of 9.53 lakh units in the quarter ended June 2023 as against 9.07 lakh units registered in the quarter ended June 2022.

  • IDBI Bank reported a jump of 62 percent in net profit at Rs 1,224 crore for the April-June FY24 quarter on July 24. The private-sector lender reported a net profit of Rs 756 crore in the corresponding quarter last year. Net Interest Income (NII) of the bank stood at Rs 3998 crore, growing by 61 percent on a year-on-year (YoY) basis from Rs 2448 crore.

Source: Economic Times,  Indian Express, Business Today, Livemint, Business Standard, Bloomberg Quint


Company Name Purpose Meeting Date Company Name Purpose Meeting Date
ABVL Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 DMR A.G.M.;Preferential Issue of shares;Final Dividend 25-Jul-23
AGI General;Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 EFCIL Preferential Issue of shares;General 25-Jul-23
AJMERA General;Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 GREENPLY Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
ALFATRAN Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 HARYNACAP Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
ALICON Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 HEUBACHIND Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
AMBER Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 INDOCO Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
APOLLOPIPES Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 INDOKEM A.G.M.;Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
ASHCAP Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 INTECH Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
ASIANPAINT Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 INTENTECH Quarterly Results;A.G.M.;General 25-Jul-23
ASITCFIN Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 INTLCOMBQ Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
AURIONPRO Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 ITHL Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
BAJAJ-AUTO Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 JUBLFOOD Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
BALGOPAL Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 JYOTHYLAB Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
BSELINFRA General;Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 KARTKIN Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
CEATLTD General;Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 KPITTECH Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
CELLA Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 LEX A.G.M.;General 25-Jul-23
CHANDRAP General;Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 LOVABLE Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
COCKERILL Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 LT Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
CYIENT Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 MANINFRA Quarterly Results;Interim Dividend 25-Jul-23
DBOL Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 MARBU Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
DELTACORP Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23 MHRIL Quarterly Results 25-Jul-23
DIXON Quarterly Results;Employees Stock Option Plan 25-Jul-23 MINDSPACE Quarterly Results;Dividend 25-Jul-23

Corporate Action

Company Name Ex-Date Purpose Company Name Ex-Date Purpose
AASTAFIN 25-Jul-23 E.G.M. VINYLINDIA 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 5.0000
ANDHRAPET 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.5000 VINYLINDIA 26-Jul-23 Special Dividend – Rs. – 5.0000
BEPL 25-Jul-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000 VRFILMS 26-Jul-23 Bonus issue 7:1
CARBORUNIV 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000 AKZOINDIA 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 40.0000
CHOLAFIN 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.7000 ASMTEC 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 4.0000
KEC 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 3.0000 AUTOAXLES 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 32.0000
KIRLOSBROS 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 4.5000 BHAGCHEM 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 3.0000
ORIENTCEM 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000 DEEPAKNI 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 7.5000
PAUSHAKLTD 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 17.5000 DIAMONDYD 27-Jul-23 Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000
SIL 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.2500 DOLLAR 27-Jul-23 Dividend – Rs. – 3.0000
TCI 25-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000 HATSUN 27-Jul-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 6.0000
20MICRONS 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.7500 HEROMOTOCO 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 35.0000
3MINDIA 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 100.0000 INDAG 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.5000
ASALCBR 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000 JKTYRE 27-Jul-23 Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000
CUMMINSIND 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 13.0000 MAANALU 27-Jul-23 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.5/-
GOODYEAR 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 26.5000 MAANALU 27-Jul-23 Bonus issue 1:1
GPPL 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 3.4000 PIDILITIND 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 11.0000
ORIENTELEC 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.7500 PRADPME 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000
PGCRL 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000 PUNJABCHEM 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 3.0000
SIMPLXREA 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000 RAJGLOWIR 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000
STEELCAS 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 2.7000 RATNAMANI 27-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 12.0000
TIINDIA 26-Jul-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.5000 SAPPL 27-Jul-23 Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000

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