The NIFTY opened at 17759.55 with a gap up of just 37 points. The index initially moved lower but then quickly turned around and saw a sharp Intraday rally. Prices have recorded its intraday low at 17717.25, moved more than 50 points up, and then started a consolidation process. That consolidation eventually broke on the upside. The NIFTY rallied again and crossed above 17800 to record its intraday high at 17825.75. Prices have finally closed at 17812.40 near its day’s highs with a gain of 90.10 points or 0.5 1% up. The PHARMA outperformed today and gained over 2% as the DIVISLAB ended with almost 10% gains followed by the IT and AUTO sectors MEDIA and FMCG underperformed today and ended with a loss. The NIFTY extended a positive tone for the eighth successive session and gained nearly half a percent. After the flat start, the index inched gradually higher as the day progressed and settled closer to the day’s high. The intraday range was very narrow as prices have moved within a range of just 108 points. We have been tracking a support level of around 17200 and a resistance level of around 17800. The support is now shifted at 17400 while the index closed just above the resistance. The short-term trend is up. We should look only for the buying.


The BANK NIFTY opened at 41426 with a gap up of just 41 points. The index initially consolidated and then started moving higher after recording its intraday low at 41332. Prices have seen a steady up move throughout the day but the momentum was not very strong. The index recorded its intraday high at 41610.15 and finally closed at 41577.20 with a gain of 192 points. PSU BANK has underperformed today and dosed with a loss of 0.64% whereas PVT BANK has outperformed today and dosed with a gain of 0.49% Within the index, in terms of points, HDFC BANK contributed the highest on the upside while SBIN contributed the lowest. The intraday range was very narrow today as the index moved within a range of just 278 points and recorded an NR7 day. We have been tracking support around 40000 and resistance around 41500. Prices have come dose to the resistance level. The short-term trend is up as the index has rallied almost 2000 points in the past two weeks. We should look for buying only on any dip or intraday consolidation breakout.


CIPLA 917.95 BUY The stock is about to give a breakout on the intraday and the daily chart. The stock can be bought above 920.90 with a stop loss of 912.60 and a target of 937.50.
NTPC 175.80 SELL The stock has given a breakdown on the intraday as well as the daily chart. The stock can be sold below 175.25 with a stop loss of 176.95 and a target of 172.10.


Stock Name Strike Price Buy/Sell CMP Initiation Stop Loss Target Remarks
ICICI BANK  900 CE BUY 11.10 CMP 9.35 14.35 BREAKOUT
Long Buildup Short Buildup
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
DIVISLAB.23.04 Apr 3208.95 9.29 23.19 3149550 ABB.23.04 Apr 3209.7 -2.38 5.32 1683750
LAURUSLABS.23.04 Apr 323.95 7.07 28.01 14635500 CHOLAFIN.23.04 Apr 823.75 -2.1 3.38 12182500
METROPOLIS.23.04 Apr 1298.95 4.84 12.09 1224000 POWERGRID.23.04 Apr 228.3 -1.66 3.59 32148900
INDIAMART.23.04 Apr 5344 3.93 13.17 314400 MANAPPURAM.23.04Apr 127.4 -1.58 0.04 40758000
BIOCON.23.04 Apr 224.15 3.56 5.13 33428200 NTPC.23.04 Apr 176.25 -1.45 4.9 65800800
                                                                        Short Covering                                                                       Long Unwinding
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
INTELLECT.23.04 Apr 436.95 1.92 -1.84 4213000 PFC.23.04 Apr 166.75 -1.85 -1.16 60009800
BSOFT.23.04 Apr 271 1.54 -3.17 7386000 TATACOMM.23.04 Apr 1265.5 -1.31 -0.56 1940500
CROMPTON.23.04 Apr 297.95 1.52 -0.91 4570500 CANFINHOME.23.04 Apr 570.6 -1.3 -1.78 3772275
COALINDIA.23.04 Apr 227.85 1.47 -0.02 38325000 ABCAPITAL.23.04 Apr 157.2 -0.73 -0.95 29408400
LTIM.23.04 Apr 4852.1 1.38 -0.4 1473150 ITC.23.04 Apr 395.3 -0.68 -2.72 60750400


Stocks Price %Chg Total Qty Delivery Del % % Change
Sectors Price Change % Quantity
Ipca Laboratories Ltd. 826.9 -0.25 349291 535986 81.03 Nifty50 17812.4 0.51 100629
Srf Ltd. 2424.5 1.08 598441 746846 74.56 Niftybank 41557.95 0.46 100572
Max Financial Services l 620.05 -0.06 1153448 1371923 73.81 Nifty it 28980.35 1.06 100572
Hcl Technologies Ltd. 1094.5 0.69 2715967 1688477 72.81 India Vix 12.27 2.44 103371
Shree Cements Ltd. 26116.9 -0.32 25784 33289 72.63 Nifty Fmcg 46112.6 -0.34 100575
Bata India Ltd. 1392.6 0.24 615539 553402 72.11 Nifty Pharma 12574.2 2.23 100575
Ultratech Cement Limited 7682.85 -0.76 264416 254879 71.84 Nifty Realty 420.45 0.07 100575
Gujgasltd 465.05 0.83 1121255 886950 71.52 Nifty Auto 12862.2 0.94 100575
United Breweries Limited 1383.75 1.04 304139 429939 70.7 Nifty Metal 5695.55 0.48 100575
Pidilite Industries Ltd 2347.8 0.07 483206 198398 70.68 Nifty Financial Services 18702.05 0.61 100575


   Domestic                                                                                                                                                  International
INR: Thomson Reuters IPSOS PCSI (MoM) (Apr) on 14th April, 2023

INR: WPI Inflation (YoY) (Mar) on 14th April, 2023

 USD: PPI (MoM) (Mar) on 13th April, 2023

USD: Retail Sales (MoM) (Mar) on 14th April, 2023


  • Benchmark indices ended in the green for the eight straight session on April 12 with Nifty above 17800. At close, the Sensex was up 235.05 points or 0.39% at 60,392.77, and the Nifty was up 90.10 points or 0.51% at 17,812.40. About 2013 shares advanced, 1390 shares declined, and 115 shares unchanged.

  • Keshub Mahindra, chairman emeritus of Mahindra & Mahindra, passed away at the age of 99 on April 12, INSPACe chairman Pawan K Goenka confirmed on his Twitter handle.

  • FMCG major Nestle India on Wednesday declared an interim dividend of Rs 27 for 2023 for the entire issued share capital.

  • Leading wine producer Sula Vineyards Ltd on April 11 said sales volume from its own brands crossed 1 million cases in FY23. Besides, sales volumes in elite & premium wines went past the 5 lakh cases mark for the first time, it said in a sales update for Q4 & FY23 submitted to the bourses after market hours.

Source: Economic Times,  Indian Express, Business Today, Livemint, Business Standard, Bloomberg Quint


Company Name Purpose Meeting Date Company Name Purpose Meeting Date
ALFAVIO General 13-Apr-23 BHEEMACEM Audited Results 14-Apr-23
AMALGAM A.G.M.;Audited Results;Increase in Authorised Capital;Preferential Issue of shares 13-Apr-23 DEN Audited Results 14-Apr-23
AVANTEL Audited Results;Final Dividend 13-Apr-23 GALACTICO Quarterly Results 14-Apr-23
BRANDBUCKT General 13-Apr-23 HATHWAYB Audited Results 14-Apr-23
INFY Audited Results;Final Dividend 13-Apr-23 INFOMEDIA Audited Results 14-Apr-23
KSERASERA General 13-Apr-23 METALFORGE Quarterly Results 14-Apr-23
MANRAJH General 13-Apr-23 MTPL Increase in Authorised Capital;Issue Of Warrants;Preferential Issue of shares 14-Apr-23
NVENTURES Issue Of Warrants;General 13-Apr-23 SPANDANA General 14-Apr-23
PRIMESECU General 13-Apr-23 SUPRATRE Audited Results 14-Apr-23
REXNORD General;Preferential Issue of shares 13-Apr-23 TATAMETALI Audited Results;Final Dividend 14-Apr-23
ROSELABS Audited Results 13-Apr-23 TINPLATE Dividend;Quarterly Results 14-Apr-23
SIZEMASTER General 13-Apr-23 VJTFEDU General 14-Apr-23
THIRDFIN Audited Results 13-Apr-23 GTPL Audited Results;Final Dividend 15-Apr-23
UNITDCR General 13-Apr-23 HDFCBANK Audited Results;Final Dividend;General 15-Apr-23
VEDL General 13-Apr-23 NARBADA General 15-Apr-23
VIRPOLY General 13-Apr-23 PHYTO General 15-Apr-23
AASHKA Half Yearly Results 14-Apr-23 RLFL General 15-Apr-23
ABVL General 14-Apr-23 UDAYJEW General 15-Apr-23

Corporate Action

Company Name Ex-Date Purpose Company Name Ex-Date Purpose
BRITANNIA 13-Apr-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 72.0000 JETINFRA 21-Apr-23 Bonus issue 1:1
COMFINTE 13-Apr-23 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/- KAARYAFSL 21-Apr-23 E.G.M.
EDELWEISS 13-Apr-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 0.2500 MOLDTEK 21-Apr-23 Interim Dividend
GOODLUCK 13-Apr-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000 MOLDTKPAC 21-Apr-23 Interim Dividend
IZMO 13-Apr-23 E.G.M. NESTLEIND 21-Apr-23 Interim Dividend
MUFIN 13-Apr-23 Stock  Split From Rs.2/- to Rs.1/- NESTLEIND 21-Apr-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 75.0000
RUSHIL 13-Apr-23 Right Issue of Equity Shares PRERINFRA 21-Apr-23 Right Issue of Equity Shares
SDBL 13-Apr-23 Right Issue of Equity Shares TIPSINDLTD 21-Apr-23 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-
FLOMIC 17-Apr-23 E.G.M. ACHYUT 25-Apr-23 Bonus issue 1:2
ALLCARGO 18-Apr-23 Spin Off VESUVIUS 26-Apr-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 8.2500
DHAMPURSUG 18-Apr-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 5.0000 ABB 27-Apr-23 Dividend – Rs. – 5.5000
DHAMPURSUG 18-Apr-23 Special Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000 HCLTECH 28-Apr-23 Interim Dividend
GISOLUTION 18-Apr-23 Right Issue of Equity Shares JOSTS 28-Apr-23 Stock  Split From Rs.5/- to Rs.2/-
MUTHOOTFIN 18-Apr-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 22.0000 KSB 28-Apr-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 15.0000
CORNE 20-Apr-23 E.G.M. RAJOOENG 28-Apr-23 E.G.M.
DREDGECORP 20-Apr-23 E.G.M. SANOFI 28-Apr-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 194.0000
FISCHER 20-Apr-23 E.G.M. SANOFI 28-Apr-23 Special Dividend – Rs. – 183.0000
GLOBALCA 20-Apr-23 Bonus issue 6:10 ELANTAS 02-May-23 Dividend – Rs. – 5.0000
GLOBALCA 20-Apr-23 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/- STOVACQ 02-May-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 47.0000
HUHTAMAKI 20-Apr-23 Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000 CASTROLIND 04-May-23 Final Dividend – Rs. – 3.5000
THYROCARE 20-Apr-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 18.0000 CRISIL 04-May-23 Interim Dividend
EIDPARRY 21-Apr-23 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 4.0000 RKFORGE 09-May-23 Interim Dividend
GSCLCEMENT 21-Apr-23 Amalgamation RCL 31-May-23 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.1/-

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