The NIFTY opened at 18288.80 with a gap up of 89 points. The index could not sustain at the higher levels and started drifting downwards after the opening tick. Prices recorded its intraday high at 18318.75 in its initial trades, saw a sharp intraday decline, and went below 18100 to record its intraday low at 18068.60. The index then started a consolidation process. An attempt to recover the losses failed quickly and the consolidation continued till the end. The index closed at 18127.35 near its day lows with a loss of 71.75 points or 0.39% down. All the sectoral indices have closed with a loss today except IT which ended without any changes. AUTO, METAL, and REALTY have led the bears today and ended with a loss of more than 1%. Volatility is high now as the INDIA VIX remains above level 15. This is still a normal level but the index reached here after recording a swing low below the 12 levels. We are expecting a consolidation process here within the 18000-18500 range. It is very early to say this as prices have not confirmed the support level yet. So we should wait for confirmation first. As of now, we should step aside and avoid trading the index.


the BANK NIFTY opened at 42864 with a gap up of 206 points. Prices did not sustain at the higher level and started drifting downwards from the opening tick after recording its intraday high at 42933.50. A sharp decline brought prices to its intraday low at 42231.35 and then the index started a consolidation process. Prices finally closed at 42357.90 with a loss of 301 points. PSU and PVT BANKS both performed almost the same today, saw a sharp intraday decline, and closed with a loss of 1.23% &0.84% respectively. Within the index, in terms of points, KOTAK BANK contributed the highest on the upside while AXIS BANK contributed the lowest. The short-term trend is down as we have seen a breakdown from a trading range. The last couple of days were wide and volatile so its is possible that the next few days may be choppy and narrow. Our recommendation, “step aside and avoid trading the index” continues. We should wait for the volatility to subsidize first and then we will plan our trade.


ASTRAL 1966.15 BUY The stock has reversed with the hammer candle at the bottom. The stock can be bought at 1972 with a stop loss of 1957.80 and a target of 1998.10.
MCX 1577.70 SELL The stock has given a breakdown on the intraday as well as the daily chart. The stock can be sold at 1570.45 with a stop loss of 1584.45 and a target of 1542.50.


Stock Name Strike Price Buy/Sell CMP Initiation Stop Loss Target Remarks
HAL 2500 PE BUY 23.65 CMP 16 38 BREAKDOWN
Long Buildup Short Buildup
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
RECLTD.22.12 Dec 112.7 2.22 0.22 61000000 LALPATHLAB.22.12 Dec 2357 -2.99 0.33 1080250
M&MFIN.22.12 Dec 228.3 0.33 3.25 20456000 METROPOLIS.22.12 Dec 1333.8 -2.78 2.18 1333200
TORNTPHARM2212Dec 1591.65 0.09 3.58 1735000 EICHERMOT.22.12 Dec 3220.45 -2.02 0.7 2759750
AUBANK.22.12 Dec 668.7 0.07 0.13 7480000 TORNTPOWER.22.12 Dec 501.05 -1.75 0.36 2938500
POLYCAB.22.12 Dec 2627.1 -1.74 0.7 905400
                                                                        Short Covering                                                                       Long Unwinding
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
JUBLFOOD.22.12 Dec 534.35 2.25 -1.65 14885000 BANDHANBNK.22.12 Dec 231.95 -4.98 -8.92 43453800
LUPIN.22.12 Dec 766.65 1.87 -4.01 5819100 GUJGASLTD.22.12 Dec 496.4 -3.64 -1.6 4221250
MPHASIS.22.12 Dec 1990.35 1.32 -7.62 2037350 UPL.22.12 Dec 731.45 -3.46 -0.6 15754700
ALKEM.22.12 Dec 3093.55 1.27 -0.75 239000 IDFCFIRSTB.22.12 Dec 57.15 -3.46 -3.84 136515000
ABBOTINDIA.22.12 Dec 21825.85 1.24 -4.25 36960 RAIN.22.12 Dec 168.95 -3.37 -1.59 9534000


Stocks Price %Chg Total Qty Delivery Del % % Change
Sectors Price Change % Quantity
Torrent Pharma Ltd. 1585.95 0.19 299358 187608 74.36 Nifty50 18127.35 -0.39 29566440
Oracle Fin Serv Soft Ltd 3007.6 -0.56 54368 30506 70.41 Niftybank 42408.8 -0.49 12626534
Voltas Ltd. 807.35 -0.78 787550 338329 65.71 Nifty it 28763.85 0 887101
Samvardhana Motherson 69 -1.71 26903798 21112293 64.87 India Vix 15.19 -2.38 3.46E+08
Infosys Limited 1522.05 0.83 6302640 3744916 64.86 Nifty Fmcg 45085.55 -0.44 292079
Icici Prudential Life In 450.2 -0.88 766591 382929 64.59 Nifty Pharma 12892.75 -0.21 41528878
Hdfc Bank Ltd. 1612.05 -0.34 4873548 3242753 64.06 Nifty Realty 424.5 -1.42 1.26E+09
Icici Lombard General In 1239.75 1.25 533499 345125 63.92 Nifty Auto 12554.7 -1.11 42578227
Hdfc Ltd. 2644.45 -0.47 2337299 1658544 62.64 Nifty Metal 6519.25 -1.13 81843223
Icici Bank Ltd. 890.65 -0.18 9788367 5677336 62.25 Nifty Financial Services 18858.6 -0.35 3119534


   Domestic                                                                                                                                                  International
INR: Federal Fiscal Deficit (Nov) on 30th December, 2022

INR: Infrastructure Output (YoY) (Nov) on 30th December, 2022

 USD: Core PCE Price Index (MoM) (Nov) on 23rd  December, 2022

USD: New Home Sales (Nov) on 23rd  December, 2022


  • Sensex closed 241.02 points lower at 60,826. Nifty ended 71.80 points lower at 18,127.30. About 754 shares advanced, 2699 shares declined, and 86 shares were unchanged.All sectors ended the day in red, barring Nifty IT index which ended flat.

  • The initial public offering (IPO) of Elin Electronics was fully subscribed by the afternoon of December 22, the final day of bidding. The offer has been subscribed 2.94 times, with bids coming for 4.17 crore shares against an IPO size of 1.42 crore shares, data available with exchanges.

  • Amid climate concerns, coal is again living up to its reputation of ‘black gold’ as the global demand for the fossil fuel is set to hit a record high with a bulk of it coming from India.The International Energy Agency (IEA), in its latest report, has forecast the global coal demand to grow by 1.2 percent in 2022 and surpass 8 billion tonne for the first time.

  • Reliance Industries opened higher on December 22 after the company announced the acquisition of 100 percent equity stake in Metro Cash and Carry India Pvt Ltd (Metro India) for a cash consideration of Rs 2,850 crore.

Source: Economic Times,  Indian Express, Business Today, Livemint, Business Standard, Bloomberg Quint


Company Name Purpose Meeting Date Company Name Purpose Meeting Date
ELEFLOR General 23-Dec-22 ASHNI General 27-Dec-22
HITTCO General 23-Dec-22 INDOWIND Right Issue of Equity Shares 27-Dec-22
MACINTR General 23-Dec-22 MODCL General 27-Dec-22
MIRCH Increase in Authorised Capital;Issue Of Warrants;General 23-Dec-22 SEPC Right Issue of Equity Shares;General 27-Dec-22
OISL Audited Results 23-Dec-22 ALEXANDER Preferential Issue of shares 28-Dec-22
PARMCOS-B General 23-Dec-22 GENPHARMA General 28-Dec-22
SATIA General 23-Dec-22 SSWRL General 28-Dec-22
SELAN Employees Stock Option Plan 23-Dec-22 RGRL Increase in Authorised Capital;Preferential Issue of shares;General 29-Dec-22
TRIVENIGQ General 23-Dec-22 ROJL Bonus issue;Stock  Split 29-Dec-22
UNICK Rights Issue;General 23-Dec-22 GGL General 30-Dec-22
VIVANTA Preferential Issue of shares;Issue Of Warrants;General 23-Dec-22 COASTCORP Right Issue of Equity Shares;General 02-Jan-23
BILLWIN Right Issue of Equity Shares 24-Dec-22 INVENTURE Rights Issue;General 02-Jan-23
BRANDBUCKT General 24-Dec-22 SANGHIIND General 02-Jan-23
GRANDMA Quarterly Results 24-Dec-22 KARNAVATI Stock  Split 03-Jan-23
KCDGROUP General 24-Dec-22 IRB Stock  Split 04-Jan-23
SHRIRAMFIN Interim Dividend;General 24-Dec-22 KPEL Stock  Split;General 05-Jan-23
CENTRALBK General 26-Dec-22 INOXGREEN General 06-Jan-23
CHEMOPH General 26-Dec-22 HCLTECH Interim Dividend;Quarterly Results 12-Jan-23
CRSTCHM General 26-Dec-22 INFY* Quarterly Results 12-Jan-23
DHRUVCA Increase in Authorised Capital;Preferential Issue of shares 26-Dec-22 HDFCBANK Quarterly Results 14-Jan-23
ENERGYDEV General 26-Dec-22 KSOLVES Quarterly Results 15-Jan-23
KAPILRAJ Preferential Issue of shares;General 26-Dec-22 MPHASIS Quarterly Results 19-Jan-23
KUNSTOFF General 26-Dec-22 COFORGE Interim Dividend;Quarterly Results 20-Jan-23
RMCL General 26-Dec-22 JSWSTEEL Quarterly Results 20-Jan-23
SHAREINDIA General 26-Dec-22 NRAGRINDQ Quarterly Results 23-Jan-23
SJCORP General 26-Dec-22 TTKPRESTIG Quarterly Results 31-Jan-23
ARCFIN Right Issue of Equity Shares;Rights Issue 27-Dec-22 UTIAMC Quarterly Results;General 01-Feb-23
ASAHIINDIA General 27-Dec-22 ABB A.G.M.;Audited Results;Quarterly Results;Dividend 10-Feb-23


Company Name Ex-Date Purpose Company Name Ex-Date Purpose
GAL 23-Dec-22 Right Issue of Equity Shares RAJPALAYAM 30-Dec-22 Right Issue of Equity Shares
LAFFANSQ 23-Dec-22 E.G.M. SMLT 30-Dec-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 1.0000
NATHIND 23-Dec-22 E.G.M. TIPSINDLTD 30-Dec-22 Buy Back of Shares
SAGARPROD 23-Dec-22 E.G.M. VISAGAR 30-Dec-22 Right Issue of Equity Shares
TRIVIKRAMA 23-Dec-22 E.G.M. TIJARIA 02-Jan-23 E.G.M.
ECLERX 26-Dec-22 Buy Back of Shares SHRIRAMFIN 03-Jan-23 Interim Dividend
SECURCRED 26-Dec-22 Bonus issue 3:1 SPLPETRO 05-Jan-23 Stock  Split From Rs.4/- to Rs.2/-
FILATEX 27-Dec-22 Stock  Split From Rs.2/- to Rs.1/- GLCL 06-Jan-23 Bonus issue 1:1
ADVAIT 28-Dec-22 Bonus issue 1:1 OMKAR 09-Jan-23 E.G.M.
ADVANIHOTR 29-Dec-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 2.0000 VIVANTA 09-Jan-23 E.G.M.
TIIL 29-Dec-22 Buy Back of Shares VISHNU 13-Jan-23 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/-
NAYSAA 30-Dec-22 Bonus issue 15:10 KPIGREEN 18-Jan-23 Bonus issue 1:1

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