Today, the NIFTY opened at 17463 with a gap of 75 points. The index initially moved sideways for about an hour and then broke on the downside after recording its intraday high at 17490.70. Prices have moved down, filled the gap, and then moved even more sharply between 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM and moved down below 17200. The index recorded its intraday low at 17161.25 and then bounced up. Prices have seen a modest rally afterward and recovered almost all the losses. The index finally closed at 17382 near yesterday’s closing price with a loss of just 6.15 points or 0.4% down. PHARMA outperformed today and dosed with a gain of 2.37% followed by IT and METAL which ended with a gain of more than 1%. REAL1Y underperformed today and ended with a loss of 1.14%. The index witnessed a steep decline in the first half of the session however, in the second half, it managed some recovery. The short-term trend is still up and the NIFTY is facing strong resistance around the 17300 – 17400 zone. Support should emerge around 17000. We should avoid trading the index as the RBI policy meet outcome is scheduled tomorrow so the volatility will be high.


Today, the BANK NIFTY opened at 38111.05 with a gap of 112 points. The index initially consolidated, record its intraday high at 38231.85, and then went down. Prices have filled the gap and then saw a sharp decline before lunch. The index recorded its intraday low at 37249.50 and then started moving higher. Prices have trimmed some losses and finally closed at 37687.95 with a loss of 312 points. PSU BANKS have seen a sharp intraday decline and dosed lower by 1.75%. PVT BANKS have also modern and dosed with a loss of 0.68%. Within the index, in terms of points, AU BANK contributed the highest on the upside while SBIN contributed the lowest. Again, it was a volatile day for the BANK Index, but the intraday range was wide by almost 1000 points and prices ended lower, breaking its six days of higher closing streak. The short-term trend is up as prices are making bullish patterns of higher highs and higher lows. However, the index is finding strong resistance around the 38000 level from the past few trading days. Tomorrow is a news event day as the outcome of MPC’s monetary policy meet is scheduled. The volatility may be high tomorrow as well. We should avoid trading the index tomorrow.


DR REDDY 4147.95 BUY After correcting from the recent top the stock today witnessed sharp buying from the demand zone. One should buy @CMP for the target of 4125 with SL of 4100.
MINDA CORP 652 SELL Short term trend of the stock is up but now it showing some selling pressure after an upside rally. One should sell @CMP for the target of 224.20 with SL of 233.


Stock Name Strike Price Buy/Sell CMP Initiation Stop Loss Target Remarks
 HDFC (CE) 2400 BUY 35 CMP 30 43 PULL BACK


Long Buildup Short Buildup
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
ZYDUSLIFE.22.08 Aug 367 5.55 7.13 13012200 GUJGASLTD.22.08 Aug 434.65 -6.03 79.55 5750000
LUPIN.22.08 Aug 661.5 5.14 20.3 11067850 BALRAMCHIN.22.08 Aug 363.9 -4.76 6.72 7929600
INDIAMART.22.08 Aug 4509 4.67 14.42 296400 CANFINHOME.22.08 Aug 581.05 -3.46 7.45 2670525
IPCALAB.22.08 Aug 1023.35 4.59 12.51 853450 LICHSGFIN.22.08 Aug 371.9 -3.28 11.24 14494000
ASTRAL.22.08 Aug 1970.55 4.18 10.12 733425 IDEA.22.08 Aug 8.85 -3.28 1.4 5.73E+08
                                                                        Short Covering                                                                       Long Unwinding
AUBANK.22.08 Aug 638.35 4.81 -9.44 6505000 NTPC.22.08 Aug 151.9 -3.31 -0.24 59713200
AUROPHRMA2208Aug 573 2.84 -1.47 12627000 BANKBARODA.22.08 Aug 118.85 -2.22 -0.63 98262450
UBL.22.08 Aug 1617.6 2.6 -1.17 1153600 TATACOMM.22.08 Aug 1053.4 -2.2 -0.06 3153500
MARICO.22.08 Aug 534.5 2.12 -0.32 9398400 IEX.22.08 Aug 162.8 -1.99 -1.18 55698750
HONAUT.22.08 Aug 41037.1 1.94 -5.53 14595 PVR.22.08 Aug 2152 -1.97 -0.14 2649163

Top Delivery Percentage

Stocks Price %Chg Total Qty Delivery Del % % Change
Sectors Price Change % Quantity
Whirlpool 1789.5 0.19 112892 0 78.18 Nifty50 17382 -0.04 111696
The Ramco Cements 735.95 1.32 371663 0 66.75 Niftybank 37755.55 -0.62 111627
Power Grid Corporation o 220.8 -1.25 7284201 0 71.35 Nifty it 29782.9 1.24 111627
Dalmia Bharat Limited 1561.85 0.94 391013 0 70.6 India Vix 19.26 4.38 111912
Marico Limited 531.55 2.13 1271045 0 69.65 Nifty Fmcg 42830.25 0.48 111627
Icici Bank Ltd. 820.25 -0.55 11113742 0 68.67 Nifty Pharma 12982.35 2.37 111627
Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. 71.2 0.28 25024630 0 68.64 Nifty Realty 436.55 -1.14 111627
The Ramco Cements 735.95 1.32 371663 0 66.75 Nifty Auto 12945.7 0.2 111627
Power Finance Corporatio 118.7 -0.63 1930889 0 64.19 Nifty Metal 5620.35 1.21 111627
Infosys Limited 1599.9 2.16 7402209 0 63.54 Nifty Media 2097.45 -0.89 111627
Abb Limited 2668.35 -0.12 303228 0 62.74 Nifty Financial Services 17472.05 -0.45 111627


   Domestic                                                                                                                                                  International
INR:  RBI Interest Rate Decision on 5th August, 2022  USD : Nonfarm Payrolls (Jul) 5th Aug, 2022

USD : Unemployment Rate (Jul) 5th Aug, 2022


  • Britannia Industries on Thursday said its consolidated net profit fell 13.24 per cent to Rs 335.74 crore in the April-June quarter of FY23 due to impact of inflationary headwinds. The company had posted a net profit of Rs 387.01 crore in the April-June quarter a year ago, Britannia Industries said in a BSE filing.

  • Adani Enterprises on Thursday signed an agreement with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), the public-funded agency overseeing that country’s innovation policy, for cooperation in technology.

  • Vehicle registrations in July dipped 8 per cent year-on-year as heavy rains in parts of the country dissuaded new purchases, said the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) on Thursday. Total registrations (in all segments of vehicles) in July dropped to 14, 36,927 units compared to 15, 59,106 units in the corresponding month last year.

  • Indian government bond yields dropped on Thursday, with the 10-year benchmark yield down nine basis points after a media report quoting unnamed banking sources said the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) might pause and be guided by data after Friday’s policy decision.

Source: Economic Times,  Indian Express  ,Business Today, Livemint, Business Standard, Bloomberg Quint


Company Name Purpose Meeting Date Company Name Purpose Meeting Date
ABCAPITAL Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 CIPLA Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ACCELYA Audited Results;Final Dividend;General 05-Aug-21 DCMNVL Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ACRYSIL General;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 DELTA General;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ADANIPOWER Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 DENORA Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ADANITRANS General 05-Aug-21 DGL Audited Results 05-Aug-21
ADMANUM Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 DNAMEDIA Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ADORWELD Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 EDELWEISS Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ALEXANDER A.G.M.;Preferential Issue of shares;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 EIMCOELECO Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ALICON Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 EKI A.G.M.;Final Dividend 05-Aug-21
AMARNATH General;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 ESCORTS General;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
AMS Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 EVERESTO A.G.M.;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ANDHRAPET Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 GAIL General;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ARCHITORG Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 GAYAPROJ General 05-Aug-21
ARISINT General;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 GAYATRIBI Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
ARTEMISMED Quarterly Results;Stock  Split 05-Aug-21 GTV General 05-Aug-21
ARVIND Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 GUJARATPOLY Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
AUROLAB Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 GUJGAS Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
BAFNAPHARM General;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 HIKAL Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
BAJAJCON Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 HINDMILL Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
BENTCOM Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 HONAUT Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
BIRLACORPN Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 IBULHSGFIN Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
BRIGADE Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 INVPRECQ Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
CAPPL A.G.M.;Final Dividend;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 IPCALAB Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
CERA Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 ISHWATR Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21
CINELINE Issue Of Warrants;Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21 ITDCEM Quarterly Results 05-Aug-21


Company Name Ex-Date Purpose Company Name Ex-Date Purpose
ASRL 05-Aug-22 Right Issue of Equity Shares WSTCSTPAPR 08-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.  6
CENTENKA 05-Aug-22 Dividend – Rs. – 10 CUB 10-Aug-22 Dividend Rs.1
KCLINFRA 05-Aug-22 Right Issue of Equity Shares DIVSHKT 10-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.  2
LALPATHLAB 05-Aug-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 6 GESHIP 10-Aug-22 Int. Dividend Rs.5.4
SANOFI 05-Aug-22 Special Dividend – Rs. – 193 KALYANIFRG 10-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.3
SNOWMAN 05-Aug-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 0.75 KEMP 10-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.  4
ALKEM 08-Aug-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 4 NHPC 10-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.0.5
BEL 08-Aug-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 1.5 NTPC 10-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.3
CASTROLIND 08-Aug-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 3 SANGHVIMOV 10-Aug-22 Dividend Rs.1
CHENNPETRO 08-Aug-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 2 SANSERA 10-Aug-22 Dividend Rs.2
CIPLA 08-Aug-22 Dividend – Rs. – 5 SIL 10-Aug-22 Dividend Rs.  0.75
DBCORP 08-Aug-22 Interim Dividend – Rs. – 3 VAIBHAVGBL 10-Aug-22 Int. Dividend
GGENG 08-Aug-22 Right Issue of Equity Shares ADVENZYMES 11-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.1
HIGHENE 08-Aug-22 Stock  Split From Rs.10/- to Rs.2/- AJMERA 11-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.  2.25
HONAUT 08-Aug-22 Dividend – Rs. – 90 ASTRAMICRO 11-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.  1.40
ICICIBANK 08-Aug-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 5 BALKRISIND 11-Aug-22 Int. Dividend
KRITIIND 08-Aug-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.20 BIRET 11-Aug-22 Income Dist. RITES
KRITINUT 08-Aug-22 Final Dividend – Rs. – 0.18 COALINDIA 11-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.3
RJSHAH 08-Aug-22 Dividend – Rs. – 2.5 DIVISLAB 11-Aug-22 Dividend Rs.  30
RUPA 08-Aug-22 Dividend – Rs. – 3 DIXON 11-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs.2

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