The NIFTY opened at 17525.45 with a gap down of 52 points. The index started moving upwards from its opening tick but failed to fill the gap and turned down. A sharp decline brought prices near 17550, found intraday support there, and bounced up after recording its intraday low at 17499.25. This time prices filled the gap but found resistance there. The index recorded its intraday high at 17623.65 turned down again but recovered towards the end of today’s trading session and finally closed at 17604.95 near its daily highs with a gain of 27.45 points or 0.16% up. REALTY, MEDIA outperformed today and closed with a gain of over 1.50 % followed by BANK and METAL which ended with a gain of over half percent. PHARMA, IT, and AUTO underperformed today and closed with minor loss. Prices may likely continue moving within these levels for the next few weeks. Yesterday, we closed our long position with gains so we should now wait for another setup to emerge. As of now, we should avoid trading the index. Fresh trade should emerge either on a dip towards 17400 or on a rally towards 17900 – 18000.


The BANK NIFTY opened at 38552.70 with a big gap down of 300 points. The index started moving upwards after recording its intraday low at the opening tick and filling the gap quickly. Prices again turned down but bounced up quickly. Another sharp decline came in the afternoon but prices again recovered and rallied for the rest of the day. The index recorded its intraday high at 39120.80 and finally closed at 39087.25 with a gain of 235 points. PVT BANKS have outperformed today and closed with a gain of 1.59%. PVT BANKS have also moved up today and ended with a gain of 0.49%. Within the index, in terms of points, ICICIBANK contributed the highest on the upside while SBIN contributed the lowest. It was again a trend day today in the Bank Index on the upside where prices have recorded their intraday low near the opening tick and intraday high near the closing tick. Another gap-down opening did not sustain and prices have rallied throughout the day with minor dips in between. The short-term trend is sideways. We now have a support level of around 38000 and a resistance level of around 40000. This range has yet to be confirmed but it is most likely that prices may move within these boundaries for a few weeks.



VEDL 266.7 BUY The Stock has been in a up trend for a short term and then continuously consolidates within a range. Currently price trying to break towards the upside. So one should buy at 267.3 for the Target of 270.3 with the SL of 264.95.
HAL 2217.3 SELL The stock is trying to reverse from the upper level, after a massive rally towards the upside, one can initiate a sell position at 2201 with a stop loss of 2221 TGT 2169.


Stock Name Strike Price Buy/Sell CMP Initiation Stop Loss Target Remarks
               GAIL (SEP 29) 135 (CE) BUY 4.80 CMP 4.30 5.80 BREAKOUT
Long Buildup Short Buildup
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
RBLBANK.22.08 Aug 120.8 15.71 11.76 24800000 MPHASIS.22.08 Aug 2216.25 -2.44 15.49 1149225
CANFINHOME.2208Aug 636.8 6.81 28.26 1141725 INDIGO.22.08 Aug 1967 -2.11 11.49 1074300
ABB.22.08 Aug 3062.75 6.42 7.94 374000 SRF.22.08 Aug 2380.4 -1.62 19.35 2486250
BANDHANBNK2208Aug 296.95 5.71 2.75 14540400 ATUL.22.08 Aug 9122.55 -1.56 0.24 63150
ADANIENT.22.08 Aug 3156 4.08 6.04 8049000 TATASTEEL.22.08 Aug 106.2 -1.39 1.84 1.14E+08
                                                                        Short Covering                                                                       Long Unwinding
Stocks Price Price% OI % OI Stocks Price Price% OI % OI
IDFCFIRSTB.22.08 Aug 48.4 5.22 -3.92 94410000 LUPIN.22.08 Aug 676.3 -3.1 -3.87 3776550
NAUKRI.22.08 Aug 4448.75 4.5 -5.26 405625 HINDPETRO.22.08 Aug 236.75 -2.59 -1.44 7011900
SUNTV.22.08 Aug 508.4 4.35 -7.75 4035000 BALRAMCHIN.22.08 Aug 345.55 -2.21 -16.83 3201600
IDEA.22.08 Aug 9.2 3.95 -8.59 332360000 GUJGASLTD.22.08 Aug 481.25 -1.83 -3.79 1715000
SYNGENE.22.08 Aug 613.05 3.58 -3.66 1000000 HDFCAMC.22.08 Aug 2117.8 -1.8 -12.88 724500


Stocks Price %Chg Total Qty Delivery Del % % Change
Sectors Price Change % Quantity
Jk Cement Limited 2661.3 0.22 52445 0 82.41 Nifty50 17604.95 0.16 86559
United Breweries Limited 1618.3 -0.27 229687 0 71.28 Niftybank 39038.5 0.88 86559
Divi S Laboratories Limi 3496.65 -1.01 1864680 0 70.46 Nifty it 28859.85 -0.34 86559
Crompton Greaves Consume 389.3 0.36 1044522 0 70.14 India Vix 18.43 -3.25 86559
Oracle Fin Serv Soft Ltd 3242.7 -0.2 28565 0 68.63 Nifty Energy 27561.5 0.25 86556
Alkem 2937.2 0.11 100929 0 67.52 Nifty Fmcg 42999.7 0.14 86556
United Spirits Limited 775.8 1.06 3988498 0 65.12 Nifty Infrastructure 5078 0.43 86556
Atul Ltd. 9134.5 -1.13 49067 0 64.78 Nifty Auto 12913.35 -0.1 86556
Power Finance Corporatio 118.2 0.13 5852114 0 64.72 Nifty Metal 5830.05 0.71 86556
Hindustan Unilever Ltd 2588.25 -0.17 1242489 0 64.54 Nifty Financial Services 17987 0.5 86556


   Domestic                                                                                                                                                  International
INR:  FX Reserves, USD on 26th August, 2022

INR: GDP Quarterly (YoY) (Q1) on 31st August, 2022

 USD : GDP (QoQ) (Q2) on 25th August, 2022

USD : Fed Chair Powell Speaks on 26th August, 2022


  • India’s stock benchmarks advanced for the second day after swinging between gains and losses for most of the session, powered by banking, industrial and realty stocks. The Sensex gained over 50 points (0.09%) to reach 59,085.43. The 30-stock gauge traded in a narrow range between 58,760.09 and 59,170.87. The Nifty 50 rose 0.16% to 17,604.95.

  • Agribusiness company Godrej Agrovet has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Assam, Manipur and Tripura governments for the development and promotion of oil palm cultivation, The Hindu BusinessLine has reported.

  • The initial public offering (IPO) of DreamFolks Services, a dominant player in the airport lounge aggregation industry in India, got a good response from retail investors on August 24, the first day of bidding. Retail investors had bid 7.93 times the portion set aside for them. Bids had came in for 1.85 crore equity shares against an offer size of 94.83 lakh shares. The IPO had been subscribed 1.96 times, data available with exchanges show.

  • Retail Detailz India, an operational creditor to Future Enterprises Ltd., has filed a second insolvency petition against the debt-ridden firm, claiming a default of Rs 4.02 crore. “The company has received e-filing confirmation from NCLT with respect to the filing of an application by Operational Creditor Retail Detailz India Pvt. under Section 9 of the IBC for an alleged default amount of Rs 4.02 crore.

Source: Economic Times,  Indian Express  ,Business Today, Livemint, Business Standard, Bloomberg Quint


Company Name Purpose Meeting Date Company Name Purpose Meeting Date
ADVIKCA General;A.G.M. 25-Aug-22 RAGHUSYN General 25-Aug-22
AMANITRA Preferential Issue of shares;General 25-Aug-22 RCCEMEN General 25-Aug-22
BETXIND A.G.M.;General 25-Aug-22 SAICOM Bonus issue 25-Aug-22
BPTEX General 25-Aug-22 SBL General;A.G.M. 25-Aug-22
CCCL Quarterly Results 25-Aug-22 SCANSTL A.G.M. 25-Aug-22
CRAZYINF A.G.M.;Quarterly Results 25-Aug-22 SHUKRAPHAR Right Issue of Equity Shares;General 25-Aug-22
DFM Voluntary Delisting of Shares 25-Aug-22 SUNILTX A.G.M.;General 25-Aug-22
DYNAMIND A.G.M. 25-Aug-22 SWASTIVI Preferential Issue of shares 25-Aug-22
EMERALD General;A.G.M. 25-Aug-22 TEEAI Dividend 25-Aug-22
FIRSTFIN General 25-Aug-22 TVOLCON General 25-Aug-22
HAZOOR A.G.M. 25-Aug-22 VRL General;A.G.M.;Final Dividend 25-Aug-22
HYPERSOFT General 25-Aug-22 WEBELSOLAR Quarterly Results 25-Aug-22
INFIBEAM General;Issue Of Warrants 25-Aug-22 ZDHJERK A.G.M.;General 25-Aug-22
JHACC A.G.M.;General 25-Aug-22 ADESHWAR General;A.G.M. 26-Aug-22
JONJUA General 25-Aug-22 ADHBHUTIN General;Quarterly Results 26-Aug-22
MASTERTR General 25-Aug-22 AKSHAR General;A.G.M. 26-Aug-22
MEENST A.G.M.;General 25-Aug-22 ANSHNCO Bonus issue 26-Aug-22
NAYSAA Right Issue of Equity Shares 25-Aug-22 ARNOLD A.G.M. 26-Aug-22
POWERMECH Preferential Issue of shares 25-Aug-22 CHITRTX General 26-Aug-22
PRIMIND A.G.M. 25-Aug-22 CONTCHM General;A.G.M. 26-Aug-22


Company Name Ex-Date Purpose Company Name Ex-Date Purpose
BHATIA 25-Aug-22 Interim Dividend Rs. 0.05 RAMRAT 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 5
CCL 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 2 SALZER 25-Aug-22 Dividend Rs. 1.80
COASTCORP 25-Aug-22 Right Issue SILINV 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 2.5
DEEPAKFERT 25-Aug-22 Dividend Rs. 9 SMLT 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 1
EDELWEISS 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 1.2 STL 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 1
GPIL 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 8.5 SYMPHONY 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 6
HBPOR 25-Aug-22 Interim Dividend Rs. 0.80 TASTYBIT 25-Aug-22 Dividend Rs. 1
INDIGOPNTS 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 3 UNIDT 25-Aug-22 Interim Dividend Rs. 0.60
KANPRPLA 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 1.2 GRMOVER 26-Aug-22 Interim Dividend Rs. 0.20
KOVAI 25-Aug-22 Spl Div. Rs. 3 LINC 26-Aug-22 Dividend Rs. 1.80
KOVAI 25-Aug-22 Dividend Rs. 3 PANAMAPET 26-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 6
KSCL 25-Aug-22 Int. Div. Rs. 4 PDSL 26-Aug-22 Split Rs. 10/- to Rs. 2/-
LICI 25-Aug-22 Dividend Rs. 1.5 PERMAGN 26-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 1.2
MANGLMCEM 25-Aug-22 Dividend Rs. 1.5 SUTLEJTEX 26-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 1.85
NIACL 25-Aug-22 Dividend Rs. 0.3 ALFAVIO 29-Aug-22 Split Rs. 10/- to Rs. 1/-
PIIND 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 3 DATAINFRA 29-Aug-22 Income Distribution (InvIT)
PNBGILTS 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 5 DATAPATTNS 29-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 3.5
PRECWIRE 25-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 0.5 ELNET 29-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 2
PRECWIRE 25-Aug-22 Int. Div. Rs. 0.3 GUJTHEM 29-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 4
RAMASTEEL 25-Aug-22 Split Rs. 5/- to Rs. 1/- INDIAGLYCO 29-Aug-22 Final Dividend Rs. 7.5

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