Monthly Stock Portfolio

The most vital ingredient behind the success of traders as well as investors is the right stock selection. Some traders & investors are more experienced in the market and have learnt and developed the art of selecting the right stock. One cannot substitute the hard work that goes behind making the correct stock selection. Elite’s monthly portfolio is one such report prepared by our analysts that provides 5-8 stocks every month that are poised for a rally.

As the name suggests, our research analysts provide this report monthly. It is released in the first week of every month. It is ideal for investors to accumulate shares in their portfolios as well as for positional traders.

Highlights of the report:

  1. List of recommendations with the entry/accumulation price
  2. Recommended weight division in the portfolio
  3. Previous month’s portfolio recommendations
  4. Details of each company – Share holding pattern in the company, Market Capitalization, 52 wk H/L, Book Value etc.
  5. Fundamental history of the company and the rationale behind the investments

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