• By Elite Wealth
  • / June 2, 2023
  • / OFS
Security Type Equity
Issue Period 01 Jun 2023 to 02 Jun 2023
/June 1st 2023 for Non Retail Investors and June 2nd,2023 for Retail Investors and Non Retail Investors who choose to carry forward their bid
StartTime 09:15
EndTime 15:30
Offer Size – No. of Shares 18,48,81,848
Base Offer Size – 9,24,40,924 shares and Additional Option to sell up to 9,24,40,924 shares (Oversubscription Option). Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 18,48,81,848. The seller shall intimate the stock exchanges of its intention to exercise the oversubscription after trading hours (i.e. on or before 5 pm) on 1st June’2023. The Company has accepted the entire green shoe option of 9,24,40,924 shares
Offer Size for Retail Investors 1,84,88,185
Base Offer Size 92,44,093 shares and Oversubscription Option of 92,44,092 shares. Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 1,84,88,185 shares. Cut off Price of Rs 226.00 fixed for RIC Bids based on Clearing price of Non Retail portion of Coal India Ltd
Offer Size for Non Retail Investors 16,63,93,663
Base Offer Size 8,31,96,831 shares and Oversubscription Option of 8,31,96,832 shares. Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 16,63,93,663 shares.
Face Value 10.00
Floor Price 225.00
Lot Size 1
Tick Price 0.05
ISIN No INE522F01014
Minimum Bid Quantity 1
Maximum Bid Quantity 9,24,40,924
Allocation Methodology Price Priority



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