Ans. The Trader research plans comprise of 3 plans that are categorized according to the subscription time period. We have Monthly Plans, Quarterly Plans and Annual Plans. Unlike the investor Plans, the components of the Trader Plans are the same across all three formats. The difference lies in the subscription price of the plans.

Ans. Given below is the price of each plan:

Plan Time Period Price
Monthly Plan 1 month from the time of payment INR 2000
Quarterly Plan 3 months from the time of payment INR 5000
Annualized Plan 12 months from the time of payment INR 15000

Ans. The Investor Research Packages are quite different from the Trader Research Packages. We offer 4 different Investor Research plans that have the added benefit of preferential pricing for the investors (different brokerage rates under each plan). The Traders Research Plans on the other hand have no such component. Traders will be provided Brokerage Rates as per there activity levels in the markets.

Secondly, all the Investor Research Plans are different from one another. Each has differing number of research reports under each plan. Trader Research Plans on the other hand have the same reports under each plan, and are only different in terms of the validity of each and the corresponding charges for each plan.

Lastly, all the Investor research plans are annual plans (validity of 12 months). The Traders, plans on the other hand, as mentioned above, are for 3 time periods i.e. Monthly, Quarterly & Annually.

Ans. Please see the table below to see the list of reports that traders will receive under all three plans. To reiterate, each plan has all the reports mentioned below:

Reports/Offering Description
Equity Segment Trade Calls These are trade recommendations that are sent to the client via SMS. They will be sent at least 3 times in a trading week and could be a lot more frequent if the market conditions permit. The Trade recommendations sent to the client will be from the Equity Segment and will clearly specify the entry point, Stop loss as well as the Price Target for each call.
Daily Market Overview + Derivative Pick This is our pioneer offering to the Traders. Our research team prepares these reports with a mindset to provide the traders with all the relevant information that is important to them. 

The report highlights support and resistance levels for the NIFTY as well BANKNIFTY. For both these indices important levels as well as the probable trading range will be provided. What’s more, the analysts also list out the previous days most active scrips in terms of price action or volume. In the report, we also mention long and short build ups in derivative stocks.

Finally we provide the clients with trades in the derivative segment that could be taken for the day.

Weekly Market Review Provides a round-up of the week’s market action. This report highlights the major advances & declines in terms of price as well as volume. The report will also brief the readers about upcoming corporate actions in the upcoming week.
Mutual Fund Newsletter The Mutual Fund Newsletter is for investors who look to participate in the markets through mutual funds. It summarizes the following data for the readers:
1. The Mutual Fund Industry AUM
2. Scheme-wise composition of assets. 
3. Top 10 AMCs in terms of AUM4. Fund Category Returns5. Recommended list of Mutual Funds6. Any Industry Updates that are important for the investors.
Mutual Fund Recommendation List This list provides the subscriber with the top schemes across all AMCs and under each category of Funds. This is exhaustive list of schemes based on past point-to-point returns and consistency. The list will include various subsections under the Debt and Equity segments. 
IPO Note and Peer Group Review This report encapsulates information about the company that is about to launch its IPO in the market. We provide the readers with the vital information of the company such as main business operations, financial performance of the company, and a peer group analysis of the company as well. This report helps the readers make an informed decision as to should s/he participate in the IPO or not.
Event Based Portfolios These are portfolios that we provide our subscribers for the long term. These come out at least twice a year. This report is gives the investor a list of 10 companies and details all the vital information about these in the report. There is exhaustive research that is carried out on each of these companies before suggesting them in the portfolio. The companies in the portfolio are across small, mid and large caps and according to our research teams have great potential for the long term. 
The Fundamentalist Whatsapp Group The subscribers to the Investor Plus and Investor Pro Plan get an opportunity to be part of a live watsapp group. The group definitely adds value to the investors as different market data is updates here as and when the news hits the market. The investors get an opportunity to stay updated on the move. Moreover, members on the group can post questions or queries about companies that are of their interest. Our portfolio manager or members of the research team will cater to the queries at the earliest.
Techno-Funda Research Report This is EWAL’s famous research reports that combines the best of both worlds of Technical Analysis as well as Fundamental Analysis. All investors are aware that entering a fundamentally strong stock at high market levels will only frustrate them. Moreover, they also know the advantage of picking a valuable & cheap company around the technical support area.

This is exactly what is reported in the Techno-Funda. 4 such companies are covered in a period of one month. 

Fundamental Company Report The Fundamental Report covers one company every month. This report focuses on only those companies that are seeing a turnaround in their business or have outperformed in their fundamentals. This report is written for a medium term – long term investor. We provide the subscribers with accumulation price range as well as the tentative targets. 
Monthly Portfolio This is another value added research report that we provide to the subscribers. This report is published during the first week of every month. We provide the subscribers with selected few companies (generally in the range of 5-8 companies) that are on the verge of a run up in prices. This report will also provide the readers with the reasons behind the choice of these companies. The audience for the report is medium to long term investors. 
Mutual Fund Detailed Portfolio Restructuring This is a value added service meant solely for the Wealth Management Clients under the WMS Plan. These are clients that want our wealth advisors and research team to analyze their portfolio, assess the risk of the portfolio and try to generate better returns from the portfolio. The primary job of the analysts is to get the portfolio in line with the risk tolerance and growth objective of the client. Moreover, the wealth advisors will also look at the non-performing investments in the portfolio and switch/reinvest the funds into better funds.
Equity Portfolio Evaluation and Restructure The Equity Portfolio Evaluation and Restructuring Report is meant for clients that have a considerable large portfolio of stocks. These clients could be looking for a capital appreciation for their portfolio or look for regular dividends from their portfolio. Our research team works alongside our Portfolio Manager to reconstruct a portfolio in line with the client’s expectations. Our Technical analysts as well as fundamental analysts will evaluate the holdings in the portfolio. Once completed, constant review of performance of the portfolio will be conducted every month.

Ans. The research reports under the Trader Research Plans will be delivered to the client using 3 modes. Reports that are providing fundamental data and analysis will be mailed to all the subscribers as per the frequency given below (next question). The Research Trade calls and recommendations will be delivered to the subscribers using Whatsapp as well as Messages (SMS). Therefore all subscribers should make sure that they have entered a valid email ID as well as an active phone number at the time of subscribing to a plan.

Ans. Please see the table below to know the frequency at which the reports will be delivered to the subscribers:

Reports/Offering Frequency
Equity Segment Trade Calls 3 times a week
Daily Market Overview+ Derivative Picks Daily (except a trading holiday)
Weekly Market Review Every Saturday
Mutual Fund Newsletter Once a month
Mutual Fund Recommendation List Once a month
IPO Note and Peer Group Review 3 days before IPO
Event Based Portfolios 3 in a year
The Fundamentalist Whatsapp Group LIVE
Techno-Funda Research Report 4 times a month
Fundamental Company Report Once per month
Monthly Portfolio Once every month
Mutual Fund Detailed Portfolio Restructuring 2 times a year
Equity Portfolio Evaluation and Restructure 4 times a year

Ans. We accept the following modes of payment from our clients:

  1. Cheque: In favor of Elite Wealth Advisors Ltd.
  2. Authority Letter provided by client to debit sum from his/her Trading Account.
  3. NEFT Transfer
    Account Name: Elite Wealth Advisors Limited
  4. Account Number: 
  5. IFSC Code:

Ans. No. Unless and until EWAL does not have the Letter of Authority to proceed to debit the clients’ trading Account with the subscription fee, EWAL will not do so. Even in the event that EWAL does have a Letter of Authority permitting it to debit the clients’ account for the payment of the plan, EWAL shall intimate the client over a phone call/ message before doing so.

It should be noted by the client that the Letter of Authority given to EWAL by the client clearly permits EWAL to debit the amount from the client’s trading account. Each new subscription will require a new Letter of Authority from the clients’ side.

If a Trader opts for a Monthly or Quarterly Research Plan, then what are the reports that he miss out on?

The Event Based Portfolio is one such report that is published only three times a year. It is released once on Diwali, once on New Year and once after the budget. So the subscribers to the monthly and quarterly plans may get the Diwali Portfolio as and when they subscribe, but there is a possibility that the targets mentioned for the portfolio would already be achieved. Apart from the time lag of the Event based portfolios for the Monthly and the Quarterly subscribers, there are no such reports that will be missed by any clients.

Ans. No plan will be discontinue or downgraded during the duration of the plan. EWAL does not allow for any refunds too. So it is beneficial for the clients to keep the plan for the respective duration and then choose to not renew the plan at the end of the term.

Ans.The upgrade of a monthly plan to the quarterly plan or the annual plan can be done only within the 1st 20 days of the plan. The payment for the same will be adjusted on a pro rata basis. For instance, if a client wants to upgrade to an annual plan after the 17 days of the monthly plan then he can do so by paying an additional INR 14133. The 12 months time period for the plan then begins from the date of payment of INR 14133.

On the other hand, a client wishing to upgrade to an annual plan on the 25th can only do so at the end of the month. He would not be permitted to upgrade his plan on a pro rata basis during the month.

Ans. The same principle also applies to the quarterly plan. If a client wishes to upgrade the upgrade the Quarterly Plan to an annual plan the same is only possible during the 1st 2 months of the quarterly plan.

No client will be able to upgrade the quarterly plan to an annual plan in the 3rd month. He will have to do so only after the completion of the 3rd month.

Ans. Once the time period of a certain plan completes the subscriber will be intimated and will be provided a grace period of 7 days to renew or upgrade his subscription to the research plans. If the client fails to do so or does not wish to do so, the reports will be suspended after the 7 day grace period.

Ans. Yes as mentioned above all clients will be provided with a grace period of 7 days to either renew or upgrade their subscriptions.