Portfolio Evaluation and Restructuring

Affluent individuals or those who have a major proportion of their liquid wealth invested in capital markets (excluding FDs), need to maintain a high level financial literacy for the betterment of their financial health. It does not take much time for years of wealth to get drawn-down due to major economic catastrophes. It is prudent for individuals that have large portfolios to also invest in the right advice.

The Portfolio Evaluation and Restructuring Report is one such report that all investors need for their portfolios. Here our research analyst as well as our portfolio manager evaluate and assess the upside gains as well downside risks associated with the investor’s portfolio. The assessment is done keeping in mind the risk-orientation of the investor.

Our suggestions and investment recommendations differ from client to client. This report is highly customized and personalized to meet the needs of our investor.

The domain of this report stretches across Direct Equity investments, Mutual Funds, NCDs, Bonds and Ultra Short term Securities.

The report highlights are:

  1. Risk Profiling of the Investor
  2. Existing Portfolio Analysis – Break up of Portfolio between Direct Equity and Non-Stock Portfolio
  3. Direct Equity Portfolio Analysis- Risk Analysis Based on SD and Variance, Sharpe Ratio of the stocks, CAGR of holdings as well as performance review of portfolio
  4. Restructuring Recommendations on your current stock portfolio with detailed reasoning along with other investable options
  5. Non-Stock Portfolio Analysis: Credit rating of funds held, Equity vs Debt Break-up, Y-o-Y Performance of each scheme etc.
  6. Restructuring of the non-stock portfolio