Plans & Pricing

Particulars Basic Classic +
Annual Maintenance Charges INR 335 per annum Lifetime Free AMC
Demat A/C Yes Yes
Trading A/C Yes Yes
Online Mutual Fund A/C No Yes
National Pension System (NPS) No Yes
E-Insurance (NIR) No Yes
Technology ODIN + HTML ODIN + HTML
Charts and Trade from Mobile + Tabs Yes Yes
Brokerage Charged 0.5%  for Investments 0.5%  for Investments
DPC 18% -T+1 days 18% -T+1 days
Dematerialized Charges 5/Certificate 5/Certificate
Market Trades (PoA given) 25/Certificate 15/Certificate
Market Trades (PoA not given) 35/Certificate 25/Certificate
Off-market Trades (Within EWAL DP) 35/Certificate 25/Certificate
Off-market Trades (EWAL DP to other) 40/Certificate 30/Certificate
Pledge Creation 50/ Certificate 50/ Certificate
Rematerialized Charges INR 50 or INR 50/100 securities whichever is greater INR 50 or INR 50/100 securities whichever is greater
Speed E Annual Maintenance Charges-Password User INR 250 INR 250
Speed E Annual Maintenance Charges- Smart Card User INR 300 INR 300