Recommended Mutual Fund List

This list highlights the top-performing funds according to the past performances. Past performance is vital while judging a mutual fund scheme in any category. The list provides recommendations in all categories of the fund.(BSE Index).

Categories of Equity schemes:

  1. Equity Large Cap Fund
  2. Equity Mid Cap Fund
  3. Equity Multi-Cap Fund
  4. Equity Small & Micro Cap Fund
  5. Equity ELSS Funds
  6. Equity Oriented Balanced Funds

Categories of Debt schemes:

  1. Debt-Oriented Balanced Funds(AUM)
  2. Arbitrage Funds
  3. Debt Dynamic Bond Fund
  4. Debt Credit Opportunities Fund
  5. Debt Income Fund
  6. Debt Short Term Fund
  7. Debt Ultra Short Term Fund
  8. Debt Liquid Fund