Mirae Asset Focused Fund NFO an open ended equity scheme to generate long term capital appreciation/income by investing in equity & equity related instruments of up to 30 companies. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be realized. The NFO has been started from April 23, 2019 to May 07, 2019

Summary of Scheme:

Scheme  Profile
Name of the scheme Mirae Asset Focused Fund
Category of Scheme Focused Fund
Investment Objective To generate long term capital appreciation/income by investing in equity & equity related instruments of up to 30 companies. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be realized.
Launch Date April 23, 2019
Closing Date May 07, 2019
Exit Load a) Entry Load: Not Applicable b) Exit Load: • If redeemed within 1 year (365 days) from the date of allotment: 1% • If redeemed after 1 year (365 days) from the date of allotment: NIL
Minimum Application Amount & Minimum
Additional Application Amount
Investors can invest under the Scheme during the New Fund Offer period
and ongoing offer period with a minimum investment of Rs.5,000/- and in
multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter. During ongoing offer period, for subsequent additional purchases, the
investor can invest with the minimum amount of Rs. 1,000/- and in multiples
of Re. 1/- thereafter.
New Fund Offer Price Rs. 10 per Unit
Minimum Target Amount The Fund seeks to raise a minimum subscription amount of Rs. 10 Crores under the scheme during its New Fund Offer (NFO) period. In the event the aforesaid minimum subscription cannot be raised by the scheme during the NFO, the subscriptions so collected will be refunded to the applicants within
5 business days from the closure of the NFO.
Benchmark Index Nifty 200 Index (TRI)
Repatriation Facility Permitted NRIs and FPIs may invest in the scheme on a full repatriation basis as per the relevant notifications and/ or guidelines issued by RBI & FEMA in this regard. Refer “Who can Invest” in Section III – A. NEW FUND OFFER
Name of the Fund Manager Mr. Gaurav Mishra

Plans / Options offered

Mirae Asset Focused Fund shall have Regular Plan and Direct Plan and offers two options viz., Growth and Dividend under both the Plans.The Dividend Option shall have 2 sub options:

(a)Dividend Payout (b) Dividend Reinvestment. Growth Option: The returns from investments are generated through capital appreciation of units’ price and no dividend will be declared. Dividend Option: Under this option, a dividend may be declared by the Trustee, at its discretion, from time to time (subject to the availability of distributable surplus as calculated in accordance with the Regulations).
Dividend Payout sub-option: The dividend declared by the Fund shall be paid to the investors who appears in the Unitholders /Beneficial Owners whose names appear in the Register of Unit holders maintained by the Mutual Fund/statement of beneficial ownership maintained by the Depositories, as applicable, under the Dividend Payout Option of the plan, as on the record date.

Dividend Re-Investment sub-option: The Dividend declared by the fund shall be reinvested in the Plan and accordingly the units shall be issued to the investor at the NAV prevailing at the date of declaration of dividend.

There shall, however, be no Entry Load and Exit Load on the dividend so reinvested. On payment of dividend, the NAV of the units under Dividend option will fall to the extent of the dividend payout and applicable statutory levies, if any. It must be distinctly understood that the actual declaration of dividend and frequency thereof is at the sole discretion of Board of Directors of the Trustee Company.

Asset Allocation Pattern:


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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