As per The Economic Times, at least fifty more companies are likely to come out with IPOs this year raising between Rs 400 and Rs 600 billion. And whether you believe it or not, IPO allotment is a game of pure mathematical probability especially when it comes to oversubscribed IPOs.

It is our duty to inform you how to participate in IPOs. We will give you tips that increase your chances of getting an allotment to your favorite IPOs. 3 tips that improve your IPO performance:

1. Apply from/through multiple DEMAT accounts. As I said before it is a game of Probability. This means if the IPO has been oversubscribed (which is what you should be hoping for), then applying for 8 lots from 1 form does not increase your chances of allotment. Whereas, if you do apply for 1 lot from 8 separate accounts then your probability of getting an allotment goes up (Elite’s Demat Accounts have no Annual Maintenance Charges). Remember, the probability is calculated on the basis of number of forms and not number of Lots per form that have been bid

It should be noted that in oversubscribed IPOs each bidder will first receive 1 lot each and then proportionate distribution will take place.

2. Always bid on the higher price to play safe. There is no point getting cut-off by price. It always makes sense to bid on the higher price ceiling. The cut-off price gets decided after receiving all the bids.

3. Make sure that all the information in the Application Form is correct. Double check all the details that you have entered.

Benefit of Opening DEMAT Account with us:

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• No recurring Annual Maintenance Charges
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