Security Type Equity
Symbol HUDCO
Issue Period 27 Jul 2021 to 28 Jul 2021
/July 27th 2021 for Non Retail Investors and July 28th,2021 for Retail Investors and Non Retail Investors who choose to carry forward their bids
StartTime 09:15
EndTime 15:30
Offer Size – No. of Shares 11,01,04,500
Base Offer Size – 11,01,04,500 shares and Additional Option to sell up to 5,00,47,500 shares (Oversubscription Option). Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 16,01,52,000. The seller shall intimate the stock exchanges of its intention to exercise the oversubscription after trading hours (i.e. on or before 5 pm) on 27th July’2021
Offer Size for Retail Investors 1,10,10,450
Base Offer Size 1,10,10,450 shares and Oversubscription Option of 50,04,750 shares. Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 1,60,15,200 shares..As per SEBI OFS Guidelines,Retail bids below the Cut-Off price shall not be eligible for allocation.
Offer Size for Non Retail Investors 9,90,94,050
Base Offer Size 9,90,94,050 shares and Oversubscription Option of 4,50,42,750 shares. Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 14,41,36,800 shares.
Face Value 10.00
Floor Price 45.00
Lot Size 1
Tick Price 0.05
ISIN No INE031A01017
Minimum Bid Quantity 1
Maximum Bid Quantity 11,01,04,500



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