HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund

HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund is the first of its kind in the industry and is set to get launched on Nov 16 and closes on Nov 30.

The fact that Union Budget 2017 proved to be a turning point for affordable housing is known to us all. With the government committed on its agenda to provide housing for all by 2022, we believe this is probably the best time to launch a fund capitalizing on the housing theme.

We, as a fund house have been highly selective when it comes to new fund launches and bring NFOs only when they make investment sense.

A brief snapshot of the Fund is as under :

  • HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund is a 1140 days close-ended thematic equity offering investing a minimum of 80% into equities of housing and allied businesses.
  • Housing theme would predominantly include industries including Cement, Engineering-Designing-Construction, Banks, Housing Finance, Steel, Paints, Construction, Home appliances, Plywood, Sanitaryware, Tiles, etc. Hence, a diversified basket to choose stocks from.
  • Benchmark: A custom-made benchmark by IISL (NSE) called India Housing and Allied Businesses Index, a 50 stock index that currently includes 14 basic industries.
  • Why housing theme:
    1. Acute shortage for housing in India.
    2. Favorable demographics, urbanization and shift toward nuclear households.
    3. Government focus on affordable housing.
    4. Improved affordability on account of stable house prices, increase in income levels and a drop in interest rates.
    5. Multiple macro-economic linkages to foster growth in allied industries, thereby boosting economic growth.
    6. HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund to focus on businesses that would benefit from the expected growth in housing.


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