Stock Fundamental Report

This report is for the long term investor. Each month our research team provides 1-2 fundamental stock reports (subject to market conditions). It discusses the individual stock prospects across all market capitalizations (large/mid/small).

Our research analysts pick the stocks solely based on fundamental reasons. Stocks are selected based on their valuations and growth prospects of each company. It is a must read for the medium- long term investor. The crisp-nature of the report focuses on the pulse points and ensures the investors gets all the vital information about the new developments in the company.

Highlights of the report:

  1. Stock Details: Face Value, Book Value/Share, P/E, 52 Wk H/L, Market Capitalization
  2. Share Holding Pattern of the Company
  3. History of the company
  4. Key Financial Highlights & New Developments
  5. Business verticals of the company
  6. Economic Outlook of the company
  7. Profit & Loss account Statement
  8. Balance Sheet of the company
  9. Key Economic Ratios

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