CPSE ETF Further Fund Offer 4 An open-ended index scheme, listed on the Exchanges in the form of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) tracking the Nifty CPSE Index. The CPSE ETF Further Fund Offer 4 (FFO 4) has been started from (20 – 22 March 2019) for Non-Anchor Investors & (only on 19 March 2019) for Anchor Investors.

Issue Details:

Name of the scheme CPSE ETF Further Fund Offer (FFO) 4 
Type of the Scheme An open-ended index scheme, listed on the Exchanges in the form of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) tracking the Nifty CPSE Index.
Investment Objective of the Scheme To provide returns that, before expenses, closely correspond to the total returns of the Securities as represented by the Nifty CPSE Index, by investing in the Securities which are constituents of the Nifty CPSE Index in the same proportion as in the Index.
Issue Open on For Anchor Investors: March 19, 2019

For Non-Anchor Investors: March 20, 2019

Issue Close on* For Anchor Investors: March 19, 2019

For Non-Anchor Investors: March 22, 2019

Entry & Exit Load Nil
Minimum Target Amount The Scheme seeks to collect a minimum target amount of 100 Crores during the FFO 4 Period.
Maximum Issue Size An “Initial Amount” of ` 3,500 crores plus an “Additional Amount” (if any) – The AMC, on the instruction of
the Seller/The Government of India, shall notify the “Additional Amount” (if any) to the investors vide public
notification/addendum post closure of Non Anchor Investor FFO 4 Period (“Initial Amount” and “Additional
Amount” shall be collectively referred as “Maximum Amount to be Raised”).
Face value Rs 10/- per Unit
Benchmark Index Nifty CPSE Index
Plan The Scheme offers only Growth Option. Unit holders are to note that the Trustees may at their absolute discretion
reserve the right to declare Dividend from time to time (which will be paid out to the Unit holders) in accordance
with the Dividend Policy set out below. The AMC and the Trustees reserve the right to introduce such other
plans/options as they deem necessary or desirable from time to time, in accordance with the SEBI Regulations.
Further Fund Offer 4 Price The FFO 4 Units being offered will have a face value of `10/- each and will be issued at a premium equivalent
to the difference between FFO 4 Allotment Price and the face value of ` 10/- each. The FFO 4 Allotment Price would be approximately equal to 1/100th of Nifty CPSE Index and would be calculated post considering discount (if any) offered by GOI pursuant to FFO 4 of the Scheme for buying underlying Nifty CPSE Index shares out of the FFO 4 Proceeds. In the event an index constituent is purchased fully or partially from open market to meet the Maximum Amount to be Raised as stated in Section III – Further Fund Offer 4, no discount will be offered on such purchase of index constituents from open market.
Please refer to Section III(A) – Allotment, for details on calculation of FFO 4 Allotment Price.
Discount Offered by GOI to FFO Scheme** A discount of 4% (Four percent) on the “FFO 4 Reference Market Price” of the underlying Nifty CPSE Index shares shall be offered to FFO 4 of the Scheme by GOI.
Issuance & Trading of Units available only in the dematerialized form.
Registrar Karvy Fintech Private Limited

Proposed on BSE & NSE

Benefits CPSE ETF Further Fund Offer 4

(i) Can be easily bought / sold like any other stock on the exchange through terminals spread across the country.
(ii) Can be bought / sold anytime during market hours at prices that are expected to be close to actual net asset value of the scheme. Thus,
investor invests at real-time prices as opposed to end of day prices.
(iii) No separate form filling for buying / selling units. It is just a phone call to your broker or a click on the internet.
(iv) Ability to put limit orders.
(v) Minimum investment for an ETF is one unit.
(vi) Protects long-term investors from the inflows and outflows of short-term investors.
(vii) Flexible, as it can be used as a tool for gaining instant exposure to the equity markets, equitizing cash, hedging or for arbitraging between
the cash and futures market.
(viii) Helps in increasing liquidity of underlying cash market.
(ix) Aids low cost arbitrage between futures and cash market.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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