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ICICI believe that India is in the midst of an economic uptrend due to parameters such as credit growth, earnings growth, inflation and capacity utilisation, which appear to be close to cyclical lows. Several reforms / actions such as Goods and Services Tax (GST), infrastructure thrust from the government and financial inclusion are in place that is likely to support higher growth.

For tapping the India growth story and to benefit from market cycles over long term, ICICI is happy to announce the Launch of BHARAT 22 ETF, which is a part of the Government of India’s disinvestment program. BHARAT 22 ETF will comprise of 22 select companies diversified across six sectors, giving an opportunity to invest in India’s growth story. As an additional incentive, the government has offered a discount of 3% during the NFO period.

Presenting BHARAT 22 ETF

BHARAT 22 ETF aims to provide returns that closely correspond to the returns provided by S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index, subject to tracking error.

The scheme aims to have:

  • Diversified Exposure to leaders across 6 sectors representing balance between stability and growth
  • Companies with attractive Dividend Yield and Reasonable Valuations
  • Companies which can benefit from Government Initiatives and Reforms

The above characteristics are in respect of S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index

Performance of S&P Bharat 22 Index

Data as on Oct 26, 2017. Data Source: AIPL, NSE. Past Performance may or may not sustain in future. S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index: First Value Date – Mar 17, 2006; Launch Date – Aug 10, 2017. The performance figures pertain to the Index and do not in any manner indicate the returns/performance of the Scheme. For details about the index, refer – http://www.asiaindex.co.in/indices/equity/sp-bse-bharat-22-index; BSE. The performance of S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index is on a backtested basis

S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index

The S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index is designed to measure the performance of select companies disinvested by the Central Government of India according to the disinvestment program.

  • Weight caps – Stock level cap: 15%; Sector level cap: 20% applied at annual rebalancing
  • Additions/ deletions to the index – As per GoI notification on their website.

Scheme Features


Applications for BHARAT 22 ETF will be accepted at the AMC (physical and online applications), CAMS OPAT and platforms of recognised stock exchanges and registered intermediaries.

Note: – * RFs: Retirement Funds, QIBs: Qualified Institutional Buyers, RIIs: Retail Individual Investors, NIIs: Non-Institutional Investors


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