Axis Special Situation Fund scheduling from 4 December 2020  – 18 December 2020 (An open ended equity scheme investing in Banking & Financial Services Sector)

Scheme Name Axis Special Situations Fund
Category Thematic Scheme
Issue Open 04-Dec-2020
MinimumIssue Closure Date 18-Dec-2020
Benchmark NIFTY 500 TRI
Fund Manager

Mr. Ashish Naik & Mr. Hitesh Das (For foreign securities)

Minimum Application 5,000 and in multiples of 1 thereafter
Entry load Nil
Exit load If redeemed / switched-out within 12 months – For 10% of investment : Nil, For remaining investment : 1%, If redeemed/switched out after 12 months from the date of allotment: Nil.

Axis Special Situations Fund:

  • Target the power of disruptive growth
  • Disruptive growth is an opportunity for investors to capture significant value creation over time.
  • Past performance of the Sponsor/AMC/Mutual Fund does not guarantee future performance of  the Scheme.
  • At Axis, we believe we can capture opportunities across the entire value chain by bucketing such opportunities across disruptors, enablers & Adapters. The fund will invest a minimum of 70% in these themes
  • A thematic fund can give meaningful exposure to such themes that may not be available in generic diversified funds. This fund will be complimentary for any investors who have a bouqet of diversified funds and are looking to generate that extra bit of alpha in their portfolio
  • The Axis Special Situations Fund will aim capture opportunities across the value chain in both domestic & global markets. Leveraging Schroders global expertise in identifying opportunities across the world. *Upto 30% of the fund will be invested in niche international opportunities*
  • The fund can also target event based special situations and opportunities arising from sectoral dynamic shifts as opportunities present themselves.

Standard Risk Factors:

  • Investment in Mutual Fund Units involves investment risks such as trading volumes, settlement  risk, liquidity risk, default risk including the possible loss of principal.
  • As the price / value / interest rates of the securities in which the Scheme invests fluctuates, the  value of your investment in the Scheme may go up or down
  • Past performance of the Sponsor/AMC/Mutual Fund does not guarantee future performance of  the Scheme.
  • Edelweiss MSCI India Domestic & World Healthcare 45 IndexFund is only the name of the Scheme  & it does not in any manner indicate either the quality of the Scheme or its future prospects and  returns.
  • The sponsor is not responsible or liable for any loss resulting from the operation of the Scheme  beyond the initial contribution of Rs.1,00,000 made by it towards setting up the Fund.
  • The Scheme is not a guaranteed or assured return Scheme.


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